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**limited spots available!
prep begins january 1st
detox runs january 7th-28th
$100 for 5 weeks of coaching

Let's be honest here...

  • Are you digging through your desk at 3pm for those "in case of emergency" chocolates (that are more like everyday pick-me-ups)? OR perhaps you fill your favorite coffee mug with a delicious latte every afternoon?

  • Are you awake at night staring at the ceiling, banging your head on the pillow like "Why, why, why can't I sleep right now?"

  • Do you become a walking Snickers commercial ("you're not you when you're hungry") if you don't get your next meal at exactly the right time?
    PS - please don't eat a Snickers in this situation!!


  • Ever feel like you have "out of body" experiences where it becomes more difficult to concentrate on the task-at hand than it was in high school English class?

  • Have you ever started a new "diet," but wake up a few days later to find that those same ol' crappy habits have crept back in?


If you felt yourself nodding your head "yes" to any of these questions above, then I'm sorry to tell ya that you just aren't that special, my friend.


In fact, you are just like thousands and thousands of others out there that are battling the sugar demon monster. And that thing is NASTY.


The struggle is SO real...but the good news is, I can help!


The 21-Day Sugar Detox is an effective, simple, real-food program designed by Diane Sanfilippo, a New York Times Bestselling Author and a Certified Nutrition Consultant.  Thousands of folks have gone through this program and improved their energy, finally enjoyed a good night's rest and found food freedom from the sugar monster!

Now it's your turn!


As a 21-Day Sugar Detox Certified Coach, I'm uniquely equipped to help you through the fact, I'll help you get set-up for success, support you along the way, and make sure you know have a plan post-detox.


Join one of my sugar detox groups
and you'll receive:


  • Interactive video messages & presentations with me - we'll chat about what to expect for the coming week and I'll answer all your burning questions.

  • Access to a private Facebook group - this is where the real party happens! I'll post every day with expectations for the day, motivational quotes, extra recipes, and more.

  • My nutritional expertise! As a Nutritional Therapy Consultant, I will be able to answer your questions and concerns involving nutrition beyond the program materials.


My #1 goal is to help you complete the program successfully...whatever that means to you!  I promise you will end the 3 weeks feel more empowered in your food choices and exit with a wealth of knowledge to help you moving forward!


My Sugar Detox Story


Growing up, I was addicted to sweets.  Like how addicted? Well, my grandfather still talks about the time I had so much candy as a toddler that I bounced around from couch to couch, chattering my teeth and making Indian noises. Yup, that unfortunately happened.

I ate ice cream sandwiches for lunch every day in high school (until the lunch lady told my mother, how humiliating).  And I used to eat a chocolate chip cookie with vanilla fro-yo and rainbow sprinkles every night at dinner in the dining hall of PSU (you read that right - it wasn't the famous Creamery ice cream, but the fro-yo that got me!)


Admittingly, I went through many years of disordered eating and my health has severely paid for it. The only reason my friends didn't question my eating habits or obsession was my persistence to be first in line at the candy shop. (Can she have an eating disorder if she eats that much sugar? Yes!) The truth is, from a lack of nutrients and calories throughout the day, I NEEDED those sugar hits to keep my energy up.


At the end of 2013, I was gifted Practical Paleo (Diane's other bestselling book) from my sister-in-law...and this gift saved my life...well, it opened my eyes to the world of real food and how I was abusing my body.


Soon after reading it, I discovered Diane had the 21-Day Sugar Detox program.  I decided to go for it, all alone, and without much knowledge about nutrition or what to expect.  I made it through the program feeling pretty darn amazing and was definitely sold on the whole "paleo" way of eating.


Since my initial detox, I have completed the program in its entirety four more the leader in those groups thereafter. Each time, the detox gets easier, but the benefits and the sense of accomplishment never disappoint.


This program CHANGED MY LIFE.

I am blessed to be able to help change the lives of others with my knowledge and love of real food nutrition and The 21-Day Sugar Detox. I KNOW it will change yours too!


Cost of the Detox: $100 for 5 weeks

of coaching, accountability,

videos & training from Kate & other holistic experts,

and unlimited questions! 

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