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Over the past 5 years, Kate Markovitz LLC has been dedicated to empowering women to improve their skin, health, mindset & confidence. As the company grows, it is incredibly important that daily operations that support the business run smoothly and efficiently.

As the current climate has changed plans and lives, I have found myself in need someone to step in and support the daily operations and allow me to continue the creative work to move the company forward and offer more products and services.

Thank you for your interest! All the details and application link below.

  • Do you thrive as an implementer i.e. receiving tasks and making sure they get done in a timely manner?

  • Is your superpower detail orientation? Are you great at following a set of directions to the T?

  • Do you have a heart for day-to-day task management? Do you enjoy doing the little things and doing them right the first time?

  • Do you love collaboration and working with others?


Did you answer “YES!” to all of these questions? That’s a great sign - you may be my dream assistant!


This Assistant role is a mostly virtual position, however, living local to Pittsburgh, PA is important as I will need to pass off materials for shipping/handling. You should be comfortable and available to participate in daily Voxer messages and/or a weekly touchpoint meeting as needed, provide status updates to me and work autonomously on tasks that are assigned to you through Asana.

WEEKLY TASKS (~5 hours per week)
  • Complete the shipping/handling process for Postpartum Grace Guide orders on ETSY and

  • Answer communications for Motherhood Grace

  • Coordinate sponsorships, brand collaborations, and PR reach-outs for Motherhood Grace

  • Complete the shipping/handling process for Beautycounter samples, orders, gifts and thank yous

  • Organize and improve systems for tasks

  • Collaborate with Kate to ensure full comprehension of any assigned tasks

**If satisfactory work for these tasks, ability to add hours for other projects is available.

  • Extremely organized and detail-oriented

  • Strong communication & customer service skills

  • Technology savvy & pick up on new processes quickly

  • Ability to respond to all orders or communication within 24-36 hours

  • Willingness to learn new skills

  • Self-sufficient and operate with minimal direction while maintaining a positive attitude

  • Storage for Postpartum Grace Guides, envelopes, Beautycounter samples, stationery, Rollo shipping printer & labels

  • Previous customer service or administrative work (preferred, not required)

  • Bonus: Experience with Asana, PirateShip, Gmail, ETSY, Voxer, Zoom

  • There will be a 4-week paid trial period to make sure this opportunity is a good fit.

  • Pay will be for the number of hours (up to 10) every 2 weeks at a fixed rate $10-15 an hour depending on skill level.

  • You will be provided with a Rollo Label Printer and labels to use for shipping (as well as the materials that need to be shipped).

  • Equal Opportunity Employee

Does this all sound great?! Perfect!

I can't wait to review your application. Click the button below and make sure you add the phrase "ALL THE DETAILS" in caps to your application so I know you are thorough and detail-oriented ;)

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