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Workout Wednesday: Cardio Mythbuster

MYTH: To lose weight, you have to do loads of cardio.

It's actually quite the opposite!

If you go to a gym & look around, there are people doing resistance training and people slugging away on the bikes, ellipicals, and treadmills. Take a look at majority of their body compositions...there is a reason that most of the lean people are in the weight room!

Here's the reason why:

Long steady state cardio is going to RAISE your STRESS hormones, like CORTISOL. What does this cause? Stored fat around your midsection. I'm sure that is NOT the look you are going for!

What else happens?

* Wastes Much More TIME!

* Ages you --> causes you to breathe a lot which results in Oxidative Stress

* Makes You Hungrier

* Lowers Immune Function

* Lowers Testosterone

* Makes You Better at Storing Fat!

Long story short, long steady cardio is not your best solution.

YES, you DO need to move...just be smarter about it!

Have you been hearing about HIIT training or BURST training?

These are shorter bouts of hard work that will get your heart rate up and down and you will get sweaty. Why burst? Boosts metabolism, slows the aging process, releases endorphins, burns fat, and helps you handle sugar better by being more insulin sensitive!

Next Wednesday, I'll share some great HIIT and BURST exercises!

Be sure you share with your friends that need to hear this info.

Live Life Well,

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