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Workout Wednesday: BURST Training

Last week, I talked about the myth of long, steady state cardio for weight loss. What should you do instead? I'm referencing one of my favorites in the nutrition and health biz, JJ Virgin.

It is a simple formula and you will get your workout in FAST.

Note: This is to replace your cardio workout in the week. You do still need to do resistance training for optimal results :)

Warm-up (3 minutes)

30-60 seconds : FULL INTENSITY BURST

  • Full body exercises

  • Sprint/Run, Swim, Jumping Jacks, Jump Rope, Stairs, Hill Sprints, etc.

  • As hard as you can!

60-120 seconds : Active Recovery

  • Twice as long as your Burst time

  • Lower impact exercise (ex: same move or walk in place/pace)

Cooldown (3 minutes)

Complete the circuit 4 - 12 minutes. Only extreme endurance athletes should be able to make it 12 minutes. An average exerciser should burst 4 - 8 minutes.

If you make it through 12 minutes or even the full 60 seconds, chances are you aren't working hard enough during your burst! Push yourself!

You will get better at it. But as you get better, you don't go for a longer time frame, you push yourself harder during the burst. Also, as you get better you will find that you will be able to recover faster.

Are you going to give it a try? Pin, Snapshot, Save this photo below to remind yourself of the workout formula.

Happy Sweating!

Live Life Well,

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