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5 Favorites: October Edition

TWO posts for September?! Not my most consistent month, HOWEVER...I am OFFICIALLY Kate Markovitz, MS, NTC. I spent a good majority of the month studying and working with clients, so the blog just had take a seat on the back burner for a bit. I'm back...and with even more knowledge to share!

Since it's a new month, let's start with the 5 favorites! Here they are:

1. "Women, Food, and Desire" Paperback by Alexandra Jamieson

I have a lot of woman crushes..and Alex was newly added to the list this month. I first discovered her podcast called "The Crave Cast." She calls herself the Cravings Whisperer...I kinda love that! So I jumped on Amazon and grabbed her book. And although I'm not done with it yet, I am really enjoying it and think it is very empowering for women and understanding ourselves.

2. Epsom Salt Bath

I rave about magnesium to my made a HUGE difference in my life...and soaking in an epsom salt bath is a lovely way to get some extra magnesium (and relaxation) in your life! I like the Ancient Minerals Bath Flakes.

3. Mixed Bag Designs

Mid month, I packed up from Pittsburgh and drove the 15 hours with our furbaby to Orlando. These bags have been a life saver for me multiple times with moving especially, but even with trips to Costco, Aldis, etc. When I was teaching, I also loved the bags for carting all the materials to and from school everyday {cause we know the teaching job doesn't end at 2 pm with kid dismissal! Shoutout to teachers!} Plus, they are super cute!

If you are going to buy these bags (and they have way more than just bags), try to find a fundraiser in your area. Props to my mom who has been a Sales Rep for the company for many, many years. I love companies with women entrapenuers...and especially appreciate them now! #womenur #girlpower

4. Primal Palate Spices

OMG. Why did I wait so long to order these spices is beyond me. And why I started with just the 3 pack. I got the Signature Pack (Adobe Seasoning, Meat & Potatoes, Barbque Rub)...Just. YUM.

5. Adrenal Cocktail Creamsicle

I've been rather open about the adrenal fatigue I have experienced this past year. This is something I have started implementing into my afternoon routine to keep my body fueled. Recipe from Ginger Newtrition:

This recipe is formulated to provide glucose to help the liver regenerate (did you know the liver does over 500 functions in the body!? It needs fuel!), a proper balance of macros to help adrenal health and blood sugar dysregulation, amino acids for healing, and over 84 minerals to help adrenals function. BAM!

Live Life Well,

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