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Week 2 Recap of the #tricksNOTtreats 21 Day Sugar Detox

I cannot believe the 2nd week of the detox is OVER! It was a challenging week for a couple reasons:

  • My hubby was gone from Monday - Friday. It is never fun when I don't get to enjoy down time with my hubs in the evening. In fact, I stayed up working until at least midnight each night! {Old habits die hard, right?}

  • I don't usually like to cook just for myself...I'll do something really fast rather than make a big meal {Another old habit.}

  • It was HOT in the apartment. So our AC was broken from last week until Thursday of this week. I tried cooking...but it kinda made me miserable - and usually it's my therapy!

  • The rash/irritation on my face REALLY bothered me. Not so much the look, but knowing that something was bothering my system just made me uber uncomfortable.

  • I was blessed with my cycle mid-week. This is always a challenging time for me with cravings and the "it's not fair I feel like this" binges.

  • I traveled! I visited my brother in New Port Richey, FL for day 11 and my in-laws in Naples, FL for days 12-15. Just meant I couldn't really meal prep for these days and had to avoid a lot.

  • VACATION! How lovely it is to sit with a cocktail out by the pool and enjoy the time away from our apartment...however, couldn't do that on the detox!! I DID enjoy a cocktail or 2 with my husband since he had a rough week as well, but it did not derail me. I moved on.

I am SO glad I had my group to keep me motivated and on track (for the most part) throughout this week. I find week 2 to be the most's not the beginning..and yet its not the end.

I also added in many of the AIP modifications after listening to a podcast about Autoimmune protocols. At first, I thought I was having irritation to eggs, but realized it was really just a lack of FOOD that wasn't giving me enough energy. I also think the nuts gave me a lot of energy that I was lacking at the beginning of the detox.

Overall, it was a hard week, but I learned A LOT about myself. I also am very impressed with my dedication to the detox even while being away from home and HOW EASY it would have been to get off course.

Not many photos to share from the week, but here are some!

You can also check out my video blog from periscope on youtube: Somehow they got out of order!

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