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What I'm Changing for 2016

If I sum up 2015 in one word, it would be TRANSFORMATION.

January 2015 : Online High School Algebra Teacher

December 2015 : Own my own nutrition business, Certified Nutritional Therapy Consultant and 21-day Sugar Detox Coach, Co-host for The Ladies Dish Podcast

Last December, I made a vision board for what I expected from 2015. I pulled it out this week to spark some reflection. And I must say...I can see how much my mindset has changed since creating this vision board. But I also realize how much I was able to check off (and those that were forced to be put on the back burner). Seeing that I didn't "reach" all my goals would have probably bummed this #upholder out in the past...but I have a whole new appreciation for my life and my journey.

I'm a big believer in reflection and improving myself...in my business and personal life. In fact, I reflect almost every single week as I set up my to-list and goals every Monday...and I do a big reflection at the end of each month. I just believe it makes me a better person and while I don't make time for much...this is definitely one area I prioritize.

But my goals and resolutions and vision board for 2016 are MUCH different. And I think the changes I'm making can really help YOU reading this.

. . . .

For 2016, I'm taking a page out of Danielle LaPorte's book and The Desire Map...I'm focusing on how I want to FEEL.

I posted this photo on my instagram feed of my 2016 Desire Map planner. I tucked it away until after Christmas and I eagerly busted it out today and began filling the pages.

The Desire Map talks about your Core Desired Feelings. And I must admit it took me a while to understand and figure out what I wanted to feel. This wasn't a sit down and write it in one sitting. I've had many other words thrown in the mix: grateful, intentional, empowered. But I felt that the 4 words I chose encompassed those other feelings for me.


If I fell asleep each night in 2016 feeling at peace, creative, vibrant, and authentic...I know I will be living a life that my soul is searching for at this moment. The planner says that these feelings may or may not change over the months. In fact, they may remain the same for years to come.

Buuuuttttt based on my history, I have a "feeling" a new set will creep in sometime during 2016 :-P

So my favorite question from the planner that I ask each of you to reflect upon:

"How do you want to FEEL and

what goals will help you FEEL that way?"

Comment below or find the post on facebook and share some of the FEELINGS you want to feel in 2016! I want to appreciate your unique core desired feelings too :)

xo, km

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