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The Ladies Dish Podcast #11: Balancing Relationships & Your Healthy Lifestyle

Sometimes people in your life don’t follow the same lifestyle choices you do and it’s….hard! The ladies tackle how to keep relationships with those who’ve made different choices than you or make it hard for you to stay strong in your choices. Our theme of the show: YOU DO YOU. || Full show notes & cauliflower pizza crust recipe at the | Get in touch:

IN THIS EPISODE: Welcome to The Ladies Dish Podcast!

Catching Up: (02:07) The Jonas Brother Snow Storm – did you get greeted by it?! Dana is thankful Boston hasn’t gotten a big hit like last year...yet! Do you remember the epic snow in 2015 up there!?! (let's all knock on wood for Dana.)

Kate, Dana & Joy are all hosting February 21-Day Sugar Detox Groups. Visit our page for details on current and future groups! Don't worry - the actual detox starts AFTER Valentine's Day so you can still have your cake and eat it too! 😉 Deadline to sign up - February 7th!

Shout Outs (5:45) The ladies want to say THANKS to all of you have have written a review on iTunes – we SO appreciate the time it took you to write the review and that you are LOVING the show! Leaving a review helps other people find the show, so if you have a moment to help us out, visit iTunes on your desktop computer and share the love!

Get to Know the Ladies - Question of the Week (6:32): What is one food you love that many people find weird or aren’t typically interested in trying? What do the ladies love??? Take a listen!

What’s Cooking? (13:36):

Joy shares a recipe for cauliflower pizza crust. All the pizza goodness without the gluten or added preservatives from store-bought gluten-free pizzas. This is a total win - and probably WAY easier than you thought it would be. Get the recipe here!

Listener Questions

1. How do you keep relationships with those who don’t get your lifestyle changes that you believe in for your health and wellbeing?(16:40)

The bottom line: YOU DO YOU.

Thank you for joining us this week for Episode Eleven. Remember to subscribe in iTunes so you don’t miss a future episode!

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Balancing Relationships & Your Healthy Lifestyle | The Ladies Dish

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