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The Ladies Dish Podcast #13: Clean-Eating Health Challenges – Tips For Success

Want to participate in a Whole 30, 21 DSD group or other clean-eating health challenge? We’ve got tips for how to get through it successfully and come out the other end. || Full show notes & sweet potato fries recipe at the | Get in touch:

IN THIS EPISODE: Welcome to The Ladies Dish Podcast!

Catching Up: (01:00) Good luck to all our 21 DSD – when this episode goes live we’re all on Day 2 of the detox. If you’re curious about joining us in a future group, check this page from time to time to get updates on our upcoming groups!

Get to Know the Ladies - Question of the Week (3:42):

What is your favorite cold weather comfort food? Joy has been craving Atkilt….IT’S SO EASY AND DELICIOUS! Find the recipe on Nom Nom Paleo’s site. Kate loves chili – if you haven’t tried it yet, Joy shared a paleo pumpkin chili on a previous episode – here’s the recipe again! Dana’s go-to is shepherd’s pie and she usually does a variation of the 21DSD book!

What’s Cooking? (7:22):

Kate shares her homemade fries – they’re basically baked potatoes but BETTA! Grab the recipe here.

Listener Question (9:00)

Hi Ladies! Love the show!! I’m curious to hear what you think about challenges like Whole30 and/or other clean-eating challenges. I am just getting started on my health journey and trying to transition into eating whole foods, but I’m struggling to really see any results due to continual “slip ups” and giving in to the not-so-healthy foods. What do you think is the best way to transition in order to really see how my body reacts to certain foods and figure out what I may be intolerant to? I am trying to incorporate more fresh fruits and veggies, as well as lean meats like chicken breasts, salmon, turkey, etc..and healthy fats (nuts & nut butters, olive oil, etc..). My job is sedentary so I try to exercise at least 2-3 times/week. Thanks!!

Kate mentions Gretchen Rubin’s 4 Tendencies. The Ladies share which tendency they are! What tendency are you? You can take the quiz on Gretchen’s website and let us know! You can also read more about this and other habit forming information in her book, Better Than Before.

Also an interesting quiz: are you a moderator or an abstainer? Knowing this will certainly help you figure out how to get through a health challenge!

Remember to listen to the end for Dana’s TIP OF THE DAY.

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Clean-Eating Health Challenges – Tips For Success | The Ladies Dish

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