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What They Say About The 21DSD

I am currently running my fourth 21-Day Sugar Detox group (hard to believe!) and I am still just as proud and excited for my groups to complete the detox and feel amazing <3

While I do have some of the reviews highlighted on my LOVE page, I wanted to compile a small blog post highlighting them as well.

I am so incredibly proud of the progress of each participant of this group and it has been an honor to be able to coach them (and future participants!) through this process : )

PS ~ On the program, you are allowed green-tipped bannas, green apples, and grapefruit as your fruit we usually end up having a battle between these two (sorry, grapefruit!)

"Kate- Your knowledge gave me the motivation to get through this. You have found your calling girl!! Even if you didn't have the answer, you found it! I felt completely lost in the very beginning, but you made me feel comfortable and gave me the encouragement to make it. The absolute best part for me is to learn to listen to my body and how foods affect me. Thank you so much!!" - Kristen T.

"Kate, your 21DSD group was fantastic. I'm a few days behind but I have seen noticeable changes in my cravings and desire for sugary foods. Although I do miss cookies and sweet fruits like mangoes, I've been in several social situations and the burning desire to stay "good" and not eat "cheat foods" has been tamed. I don't have the need to eat bad food, I find some way to eat what is better for me, or I plan ahead and eat beforehand. Cutting out sugar helped to actually make self discipline that much easier because my brain has gone through the withdrawal process and the desire for it gets less and less each day. I'm not finished with my 21 days yet, but I do feel great and I plan to keep the sugar out of my system as much as possible." - Dana

"I really enjoyed the 21dsd! I think it can definitely become a lifestyle for me (with a few exceptions). I never felt like I was being "deprived." Most of the recipes were delicious and easy. Now that I know what sugar can do to my body, I know I am better equipped to make smart choices in my daily life. I have been in several Facebook groups like this and Kate is, by far, the most phenomenal leader I have had!! The daily posts were so inspiring - I love that they included "easy" recipes for the day. This is where I found the beloved pumpkin smoothie recipe, which will continue to be a staple in my weekly menu plan. Kate also responds to comments in a very timely manner and gives great feedback and suggestions. It was so comforting to me to know that she was "there" if I needed her. I also loved the daily updates via Periscope - just one more way to "check in" and get support, feedback, suggestions and, most importantly, RECIPES!!!Thanks, Kate, for EVERYTHING!! I fell like some of us formed a little "family" during this detox and I am truly going to miss hearing from everyone on a daily basis. I would ABSOLUTELY do this detox again!!" - Roxanne

"Kate this was an amazing group. Your leadership and feedback was inspiring. I loved how honest you were and how you struggled right along with us. I learned some important things about myself that will help me on my journey. I will definitely be up for more challenges Thanks to you and all the others." - Luanne

"I can 100% say that never in my wildest dreams would this peanut butter cup loving girl would be able to go 21 days without sugar, but I did it! I now wake up feeling, awake! :) I don't order things on impulse. I COOK! Yes, I will admit that I started to like preparing my meals now. I have energy all day and I feel good! The support from the Facebook group & Kate was amazing! Daily check-ins, new recipes, and funny motivation was what we all needed! Sugar is definitely a character in the past in my book. I do know I'm not perfect, slip up's happen and that it's not the end of the world either. I plan to keep this in my daily routine along with a meal plan from Practical Paleo." - Anonymous

"I will totally continue to eat this way after - I learned so much about my body (the slip ups actually helped this process) and solved some of my issues with my blood sugar dropping. Kate helps you every step of the way and makes it manageable! Anyone can do this! And everybody should." - Anonymous

"I am so proud of my journey on the 21DSD. What was most shocking to me was really seeing how much sugar and additives are all around us all the time and how much of an effect milk can have on a person. I chose level 3 because I had sinus symptoms that were driving me crazy. In a matter of 6 days, things were turning around and now I am symptom free!!! The recipes were terrific and the group was a huge source of comfort. I'm a little sad that the check-ins are over. My whole family benefitted from the program. I notice that my change in habits is making them more aware. Kate, you ran this so smoothly. This exceeded any expectation I had. THANK YOU!!" - Lisa S.

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