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My 5 Favorites: March 2016 Edition

Most of these are practical, but I have to admit, I love them. Enjoy March's 5 favorites!

If you follow Chalene Johnson at all, you know that her accounts were hacked last year and she did a lot of PSA about security passwords and protection. She mentioned a company called 1Password and I was intrigued. I have 742 different accounts out there and I really didn't like that I was using the same password for most of them...or contantly having to reset passwords because I couldn't remember them. It never felt safe to me. So for $49 I decided to take the step and protect myself. And I LOVE it!

Here's how it have 1 master password that basically unlocks a volt. They suggest making the password a sentence or something more complex than just your typical password. Inside the volt (or the program) are your different logins for each and every website or account that you set up. You can nickname them. For example, I have GmailKATE and GmailWORK.

One of my favorite features is that you can allow the program to randomly generate a password FOR you and it will store it inside the volt. For example, my password for my email could be vS2@x33!l for all I know...I just need to remember my 1 master password to login, then I can copy-paste the password OR if you have the app downloaded to your browser, it'll automatically fill it in for you. I can even use it on my phone and set it up with the fingerID.

Saves you time and brain energy trying to remember your passwords to everything! You can even randomly generate codes for those security questions, which is how people really get around knowing your password. You know how security questions are "What is your mother's maiden name?" or "What street did you live on as a child?" -- these can be easily discovered with some digging in google, but it they are randomly generated you have a better chance!

2. OnGuard by DoTerra

My hubby and I were perusing the farmer's market and came across a DoTerra consultant who was giving out some samples. My husband was getting sick and I asked if there was an oil that could help him. She gave us a sample of OnGuard and I have been mixing a shot of it everyday for myself! I felt like it really helped me fight off whatever he was battling. Since I included my diffuser last month, I'm really giving love to the essential oil peeps <3

3. Denim Jackets

This is totally a Gardner thing because my mom loves denim jackets and I have to admit, I love to throw one on and feel like I'm semi-put together! Yes, putting on a denim jacket is now "dressing up" for me. Much different than my days of teacher cardigans and skirts!

I bought this one at Banana Republic recently and it's one of my favorite fits and I love the softness.

4. Go with Your Gut by Robyn Youkilis

Doing research for my WELLpower program has me digging my nose into a ton of different books, and Robyn Youkilis' Go with Your Gut was one of them, but it has quickly become one of my favorites. She has a very REAL down-to-earth approach for turning your digestion, and in turn your health, around. The recipes sound delicious and are easy (I haven't made toooo many yet to feel I can confidently review the entire 75 recipes!) But as far as content goes, this is an awesome book! Purchase it from my Amazon Store here.

This one is actually a kitchen tool I wish I would have had this for years! I realized I was getting my iPad filthy or constantly leaning over to try and read my cookbooks in the kitchen...well not anymore! Having a stand makes it SO much easier. This one is rather large (although we have a small kitchen in FL!) but it was cheap and could easily be stored away. This is definitely a #firstworldproblem solution, but for $15, I'm happy! Purchase from my Amazon Store here.

I hope you can at least enjoy or try one of my 5 favorites this month!

I took a small hiatus from blogging in February. I felt I just needed to get my feet on the ground again...and if I'm being honest, perfection paralysis has been keeping a few posts in the draft folder. I'm recommitting and promising to get some more good information out there next month!

xo, kate

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