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3.7.16: You ARE in charge.

It is easy to play the victim, to place blame, to find excuses, to remove responsibility.

But the truth is you ARE in charge.

Of your life. Of your choices. Of your attitude. Of your mindset.


You may hand control over to other people and tell yourself that you no longer have power over what happens.

Been there, done that.

I told myself that story ~ I couldn't control what happened to me. I was destined to be in that sad, lonely, depressing situation forever.

I freely gave others the power to control how I felt about myself. And they took full advantage.

Looking back, I really had three options: stay and continue to be miserable, stay and change my attitude, or leave.

And I left!

You have the same options. You control your life. You are in charge!

You can make the decision to leave, run, free!

Or stay...but choose to be happy, positive, and accepting. And work to make that situation WORK for you.

Truth is, sometimes it does get worse before it gets better...but finding yourself is always worth it.

Don't play the victim this week.

You ARE in Charge.

You ARE in Charge
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