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4.18.16: You can do anything, but not everything.

Happy, happy Monday!

Just a friendly can do ANYthing, just not EVERYthing.

Because over the weekend, I said this to a couple friends and I had to remind myself of this a few times.

FOMO, wonder we get sucked into doing it all!

Honestly, this is why having a priority statement or goal that grounds you is SO super important. When faced with hard decisions, you can put on that lens and it can lead you in the right direction.

For me, my priority is to my husband and furbaby and making sure we can spend as much quality time together and be supportive of one another's goals as possible.

So one way my life changed because of this priority was finding/creating a job that provided me the flexibility and freedom to work from home so when my husband travels to events or has a random day off because of bad weather, I can spend time with him or arrange my day to spend time together. (Since neither one of us as a "weekend," this is easy to let slip away!)

Now, ironically because of the dog (ha!) this doesn't always work out as well as it would have if we didn't have the furball with traveling...but it has allowed me to look at opportunities presented to me and say, "Yes this honors my priority, or not it does not."

When you feel yourself getting overwhelmed or overly busy, take a step back and look at what you are doing and where it lies with your priorities.

It provides so much clarity, focus, and freedom <3

Enjoy your week!


you can do anything, but not everything

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