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My 5 Favorites: May 2016 Edition

Some of these I just discovered this month, and some of these are long time favorites. Either way, I think they are all necessary ;)

PS - Some of these may be affiliate links to Amazon!

I've heard a few people (including Diane) talk about and use this small contraption, so it was on my radar but I blew it off. Well when we moved to Tampa and I was once again using a GPS to go everywhere, I realized how nice it would be to have some way to attach my phone somewhere in my car where I could see it (you know, rather than keeping it in my lap and killing myself...I have anxiety in the car as it is!).

At first I bought this hard-core magnet clip thing...and clearly didn't think that through since my phone is by my CC all the time...luckily, I DID think of that before I slapped it on the back.

Then I ordered the Pop Socket...and life changed. It was SO much easier to drive home! It's easy to see who is calling, directions are easier, I know where my phone is when I'm IN the car (somehow I tend to lose it). Ahhhh, amazing!

PLUS the pop socket for day to day texting and taking pictures is awesome!! Makes the phone so easy to hold. :) I'm very happy with the combo!

This is totally indulgent #treatyoself but last week was very hard for me emotionally, but since I had 11 more ladies sign up for the 21DSD than I was originally going to let in, I decided I was going to indulge in a luxurious self-care appointment.

Typically, I like to get a manicure for this type of thing, BUT the last mani I got in Florida left my nails in horrendous condition. So I'm really upset with my short stubby nails at the moment, and decided to go with eyelash extensions.

Which has been life changing. I LOVE them. Since I don't wear a lot of makeup day-to-day, it feels so amazing to wake-up and already look put together. I'll see how much I like the "maintenance" routine because they do need touched up every 2 weeks...but for now, I'm just going to enjoy the honeymoon phase.

The lululuemon wide headbands are a life saver for this mane of hair I have! I love them for working out, running errands, sitting around the house, going to, everything! I do think you probably need a certain type of hair to get the look for the pictures (luckily, I have it!) but lulu also has some other cute headbands! Check them out.

I typically wear mine styled like the b&w below, but I also think its super cute in the purple!

Lastly, audible was my lifesaver on my 15 hour car trip! I LOVE listening to podcasts, but when I listen to a longer audiobook, the time seems to go a bit quicker.

I'm not usually an auditory learner so I thought that podcasts and audiobooks wouldn't be for me, but I promise, they are fantastic! Especially if you get a good book :)


Hope you enjoyed this month's 5 favorites! Comment below if you have questions or what to share your experience with any above! :)

xo, kate

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