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5.16.16: Make Room for What You Want

Do you ever hear people say they REALLY want ____fill in the blank____ but don't really take action or make room in their life for it?

A quick example that comes to mind is dating. I know plenty of single people who say they would like to find someone...

BUT they jam pack their schedule so that the next time they could actually go on a date would be in 3 weeks, and that's only if they decide not to go on a trip with their friend, in which case they better just call you when time opens up.

You have to create the space and make room in your life for the things that you want...I believe it's really part of the manifestation process.

I am quite guilty of this myself...I've looked at a few of my goals and paused to ask myself "How exactly is THAT going to happen right now?" There was just no space for it!

Andddddd that's the funny thing about doing these posts...a lot of times they are the messages that I need to hear ;) imagine that!

xo, kate

Make room for what you want

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