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My 5 Favorites: July 2016 Edition

Happy July 1st! It's scary how quickly these come around. I've got a great "summer edition" of my 5 favorites this month.

* Beautycounter Stick Sunscreen

* Theo Chocolate

* Sanuk Sandals [the "fancy" version]

* Mastering Your Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrosini

* Mason jars of all sizes

If you follow me at all, you are probably thinking, for the love of God woman, stop with the sunscreen! But it's just too important. So I can't.

This stick sunscreen is mini-sized so its fabulous for tossing in purses or beach bags. We are going away for the 4th weekend and you better believe I have about 3 of these packed and ready to go...along with Beautycounter's regular sized lotion sunscreen [and a NEW BC product that I was able to get as a consultant!! YAY - can't wait to share this one with everyone too!!]

Curious about why sunscreen is important? Check out this episode of The Ladies Dish Podcast. I do believe 15-20 minutes of "naked" skin is important, but then you must lather up!

More about my reviews of Beautycounter's products here.

Purchase the Stick Sunscreen here.

2. Theo Chocolate

My choco-holic is coming out ;) But I really do love a quality chocolate bar to enjoy throughout the week. I'm sharing the Theo bar because it's relatively easy to find in grocery stores (for those in the Pgh area, I got it at Market District), as well as stores like Whole Foods.

I've been on a Chocolate + Coconut kick lately, but I also love the plain dark chocolate and the Sea Salt!

They also have super clean ingredients. Here is the info for the coconut: [LOVE IT]

Ingredients: Cocoa Beans*+, Cane Sugar*+, Toasted Coconut*, Cocoa Butter*+, Ground Vanilla Bean*+. CONTAINS TREE NUTS (COCONUT).

*Organic +Fair Trade

I think I've included Sanuk's on my list before, but I do love these sandals to "dress up" an outfit just a touch. I'm not a fashionista by any means, so when I find something that comfortable and looks a cute, I'm all about it. Plus, they are made from yoga mats #duh.

Buy Sanuks from Amazon here.

4. Mastering Your Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrosini

LOVE Melissa Ambrosini these days...especially on Snapchat [@melambrosini]. She is always super positive and happy and I'm obsessed with her Australian accent.

This book changed a lot for me. I feel like I am much more confident after diving into this book and it influenced much of my own program, The Mindfull Makeover [which starts next week! Eeeek so excited!]. Highly recommend this book if you struggle with self-confidence or have that internal battle with the "mean girl" in your head.

Buy the book from Amazon here.

5. Mason Jars [of all sizes!]

Mason jars are a staple in the Markovitz household! I use them for storage, holding spice mixes, on the go snacks, leftovers, flower jars, you name it! I even use them for just drinking water around the house.

Glass is much healthier than plastic, so if you want to start making the switch, start by getting some fun mason jars in all different sizes :) Michaels, JoAnns, Hobby Lobby...craft stores are a great place to search for these.

Welp, that's it for this month. Hope you enjoyed.

xo, kate

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