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From Kate's Plate: What I Ate 7.7.16

Check out my meals from yesterday! Not perfect, but it's been a rather stressful week and so it was better than what it could have been!

from kate's plate: what i ate 7.7.16


8am - usual black coffee to get the day started!

10:30am - "real" breakfast

  • 3 pasture-raised eggs [these yolks were phenomenal!]

  • leftover roasted broccoli that i reheated in the skillet

  • turmeric cauli-rice + ghee

  • 3 Seasnax strips [what do I call these? lol]


1:30pm - 8 oz of Kombucha...which Murph clearly wanted to steal ;)

I was so busy between breakfast/lunch/dinner whatever-ness that I didn't eat a full lunch like I usually would. I could tell I was a little more tired than usual, but I was so excited to work on my projects, I didn't even realize how much time had passed!


3:30pm - Adrenal Creamsicle, Kate's style....mostly because I had to hurry and I couldn't remember the exact ingredients! These are all approximate measurements

  • 2 oz orange juice

  • 2 oz coconut milk

  • 1/2 frozen banana

  • 1 Tbsp chia seeds

  • Pinch of sea salt

  • Scoop of GI Revive [helps with gut health]

  • Fill the rest with water + blend.


7pm - Greek Salad...I ended up eating about half the container

  • Grilled chicken, which I marinated in the homemade greek dressing

  • Peppers

  • Pepperoncinis

  • Cucumber

  • Spring Mix

  • Homemade Greek Dressing from

MMMMM the chicken from the grill was DELICIOUS! The best part is, I have leftovers!!


7:30pm - I was listening to Diane Sanfilippo chat about the NEW edition of Practical Paleo (SO EXCITED) and enjoyed a few triangles of this Taza Chocolate that my co-host Joy left me when she stayed at our crib over the weekend.

Surprisingly, I like the Vanilla better than the Salted Almond. I never woulda expected that one! :)

I need to interject here that I am really proud of how far I have come with with my food choices and lifestyle. I go to a bachelorette party on a boat next weekend. Typically, this would have sent me into DIET mentality - restrictive, counting, obsessing, working out like crazy. Tonight, I ate chocolate. Ahhh, life is so much better over on this side :)

Hope you enjoyed this edition! I swear, I'll make a recipe or something next time ;)


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