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Introducing the Mindfull Makeover

It's here, it's here!

I'm so excited to invite all of you to my newest program,

What is it?

The Mindfull Makeover is a 28-day group program designed to help women transform how they think about their food, their bodies, and their lives.

Why is it called the Mindfull Makeover?

Coming up with the name was really difficult, but Mindfull Makeover really describes all facets of the program.

* MIND: One-half of this program deals with creating a beautiful, healthy, positive mindset - one that rejects negativity and embraces love and joy.

* FULL: This has so many meanings. I want the women in the program to feel FULL emotionally + physically. FULL of delicious, nourishing food. FULL of positive and uplifting thoughts. FULL by creating space and time to honor and appreciate herself so she has the energy and love to give back to others in her life.

* MAKEOVER: This program really is a makeover of the mind + body. In addition to the physical transformation that comes from honoring and respecting your body with food and movement, there's also a growth mindset that emerges from the 28 days. [There may also be some fun ways to "makeover" yourself with goodies from Beautycounter too! ;P]

What does it include?

This program is jam-packed with lots of goodies <3

* DAILY EMAILS: The daily email will arrive while you are blissfully sleeping to welcome you to the new morning + day. Each email will contain:

  • Download of the day's journal

  • Theme + topic

  • "Mini message"/blog post about the theme + topic explaining more details

  • Mindfull mantra [graphic]

  • Journal prompt

  • Group check-in prompt

  • Real food truth nutrition fact

  • Delicious recipe share [link]

  • Resource - a book, podcast, blog post that would be helpful for the journey [link]

* PROGRAM GUIDE: This 70+ page guide includes a 30-page introduction to the program with a baseline quiz that is used to measure progress at the end of the journey, basics on how to read a nutrition label [the current + the new label that will be out by 2018!], how to build a "mindfull plate," guidelines of foods to enjoy + which foods to ditch [+ why!], recommended supplements + beauty products.

The second half of the guide includes the three phases of the program with a journal prompt + group check-in for each day. The phases include:

PHASE I: back to the basics

-are you a sugar burner or a fat burner quiz

-joy vs. fear quiz

PHASE II: real food body refresh

-10 day elimination (4R) protocol to identify food intolerances and sensitivities

PHASE III: living in harmony

* PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP: This private group is where a lot of the daily interaction occurs. Each morning, I check-in with the group providing feedback on the group check-ins from the day before and provide guidance for the current day. I also pop in LIVE with little messages, explanations, and thoughts :) This is the real party!

* WEEKLY CALLS: Even more! Each week we will connect LIVE on a video/phone call [your choice! although video is preferred so you can see the presentation as I chat about it!]. We share our weekly wins, any struggles, and get into content that further explains what you need to know. We always end with a Q+A session so you are ALWAYS supported

What does it cost?

The cost of the program + the coaching is $97.

What are some themes + topics?

I've broken the program into daily themes + topics that do not necessarily build on the day before so if you are swamped and miss a day, it's totally okay! You can pick up with the next day and build in the material you missed when you find the space.

There are 12 days that focus on health + wellness related topics, 13 days of mindset topics, and 3 days at the end of the program for reflection + evaluation of how far you have come.

Some of my favorite topics?! Oh gosh, this is a hard one!

  • Day 3 - Weight Loss Hormones: what they are + how they work

  • Day 8 - Joy vs. Fear: Discover if you are living in joy or fear in 10 different areas of your life and create an action plan from fear to joy!

  • Day 11 - Cravings: Learn what the experts say about the root of cravings + reflect on where your cravings come from

  • Day 17 - Core Desired Feelings: I use my Desire Map Facilitator training to walk you through discovering your CDFs!

  • Day 22 - Master Your Mean Girl: learn the 3 step process for dealing with that negative voice inside your head [CLICK HERE to listen to my interview on The Ladies Dish Podcast where I explain this concept!]

Here are some of my favorite mantra graphics:

When does it start/run?

The next group will be starting Friday, September 2nd and run until Thursday, September 29th. Registration will close on Friday, August 26th [it will close early when all spots are filled].

Where do I sign-up?

Click here to register for the group now. I'm SO excited to have you in the group, girlfriend!

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