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8.15.16: I Have Love

i have love

"Look at life through eyes of LOVE"

You know when things aren't going your way and you can just spiral into a black sea of self-pity.

It's in those moments we really need to remember this mantra "I HAVE LOVE."

This is actually something I've learned on my journey to strengthen my "self-love muscle." When I was feeling down before, it was SO easy to spin out of control because I didn't appreciate or love myself.

But now that I have that self-respect and have learned how to spin the positive, I know I will ALWAYS have love...because I love myself.

This reminds me to look at the world around me with eyes of love...I have love for myself and I have love for others.

I have love to spread and make others lives more positive because I am showing up for them.

Take this thought and mantra "I have love" and make it a beautiful week!

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