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9.12.16: 1% Better

1% better | Weekly Mantra

"get 1% better everyday" - todd durkin

i feel sorry if you have never experienced todd durkin's energy in-person.

he literally vibrates at a higher frequency. you can feel yourself being better, more energetic, enthusiastic, simply more ALIVE when he is in the room.

i was lucky enough to work out with him at the IDEA world fitness convention with my sister-in-law who introduced me to him.

these words stuck with me. get 1% better everyday. i think that's honestly how I live my life... when I fall asleep, i feel content knowing i tried to get 1% better.

you don't have to make DRASTIC changes overnight. if you focus on the small pieces and try to just constantly improve.... little by little...

1%. every day.

think about this impact over a week... a month... a year... a lifetime!

do it. get 1% better!

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