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10.3.16: Think Happy

"just think happy thoughts and you'll fly" - peter pan

Do you believe in the power of your thoughts and beliefs? I never did. I thought it was a bunch of hocus pocus (it's officially October - which means this is a totally acceptable saying and your reminder to go watch the movie! ;P).

I read a lot of books and heard a lot of successful people talk about the power your mind and thoughts. It wasn't until I started observing that I finally discovered examples that made me believe it.

For example, when something negative happens - let's say the scenario of losing a job. People react very differently. Some seem to go into a depression. They dwell in this place of sadness and maybe even anger. And there always seems to be a dark cloud around them and it takes forever to find another job (if they do).

But others, feel the disappointment and simply move on. They are able to think happy again.. so the potential opportunity, and their life typically reflects it.

It just struck me how we can all live through very similar moments and experiences, and yet, not share a similar outcome at all. After I noticed this pattern for a while, I started understanding the power of our thoughts.

I love that Peter Pan quote. It just makes me smile and what a grand life lesson it is! Just think happy thoughts... and you'll fly!

Have a wonderful week xo

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