• Kate Markovitz

Beautycounter Black Friday Picks + Gift Ideas for Your List

Here are my picks by category for Beautycounter's 2021 Black Friday promotion - which is an awesome deal: 15% off sitewide + free shipping over $50 US / 65 CAD$.

Note: I am a Beautycounter consultant so I do earn commission on orders placed with me... so put me to work :) I'm MORE than happy to help you with recommendations and answer any questions you may have.

I'm also going to share gift ideas for your holiday shopping list! Click here if you want to skip to that section! Enjoy :)

My Skincare Picks

Beautycounter Black Friday Skincare Picks

  1. Smooth & Bright Duo (Save $12) - After once use, I'm hooked on the new Reflect Effect AHA Smoothing Face Mask. My full review is below. While it's not perfect, it's definitely a must-try for winter! And consider this a plug for the All Bright C Serum too - it's the highest-rated and most-loved product on the site!

  2. Overnight Resurfacing Peel (Save $9.75) - This product changed the game for my skin and it's a constant staple in my routine. I use it every night! All skin can benefit from it.

  3. Countertime Mineral Boost Hydrating Essence (Save $9.30) - This is another pick all skin loves! This is a great prep step to get the most from your serums. Most toners “take away” from the skin, but I think of an essence as “adding” minerals and nutrients to your skin!

  4. Countertime Ultra Renewal Eye Cream (Save $10) - Everyone needs a good eye cream and this one is my favorite (but honestly the Countermatch Eye Renewal Cream is fantastic too!)

My Makeup Picks

Beautycounter Black Friday Makeup Picks

  1. Cheeky Clean Cream Blush (Save $6) - I'm truly shocked how much I love this blush. I love how it applies and the nice flush it gives. My favorites are Cider, Havana, and Chai.

  2. Think Big All-in-One Mascara (Save $5) - This mascara is really the best! It has lash conditioners and after consistent use since the summer, I'm really noticing more length to mine and it performs as well, if not better, than conventional mascaras!

  3. Lid Glow Cream Eyeshadow (Save $4) - These have been a real crowd-pleaser. I love the ease of one swipe and a few pats to make it look like I put a little more effort into my Flawless in Five look… I really like the lighter shades and Sepia.

  4. Flawless in Five (20% off - Save $33) - While not technically part of the sale, this 5-piece set saves you 20% and is shipping free! Plus you'll get to try the new mascara and blush!

My Holiday Picks

Beautycounter Black Friday Holiday Picks

  1. Solemates Exfoliating Duo (Save $7) - This volcanic rock and balm is better than a spa pedicure! I typically hate feet, but I'm slightly addicted to this. I like doing my feet after I soak in the bath and can see the “dead white” skin - gosh I know. I'll stop now.

  2. Good Scents Bath Oil Trio (Save $7) - This is what I use to soak is said bath… my only complaint is that they aren't bigger! Everyone on my list is getting one.

  3. Mini Beyond Gloss Vault (Save $7) - Give me all the gloss options. These colors are super fun and the size is just perfect for pockets, purses, cars, etc.

  4. Mini Must-Have Serums (Save $6.75) - A great value for trying all of our best-selling serums! Find which your skin loves the best!

  5. Best in Clean Heroes (Save $14.85) - Get all of our best-sellers in one set, for yourself, to gift, to split and gift. There are so many options with this one!

My Essential Picks

  1. One-Step Makeup Wipes (Save $3) - I use these wipes for everything: a first wipe at makeup at the end of the day, for squeezing on a q-tip for mistakes while doing makeup, to change my lip color, to clean up my makeup palettes. Just do me a favor - rip them into fours because they are huge!

  2. The Clean Deo (Save $4.20) - The ONLY clean deodorant on the market that actually works, I swear I've tried them all. And I love that we have refills!

  3. Charcoal Cleansing Bar (Save $3.90) - This is another one I actually use in a variety of ways. I like it on my body after doing a super sweaty hot yoga class and it's the only thing that really gets my makeup brushes clean!