• Kate Markovitz

Beautycounter's Cheeky Clean Cream Blush Review

Let's start with some facts.

I'm a powders cosmetics girl.

I like the artistry, the brushes, the forgiveness and creativity of powders.

I am also a Beautycounter consultant and do receive commission if you purchase one of their products through me (though I would never steer you in their direction if I didn't think they had a right fit for you). I also happen to be a product junkie and can recommend from many brands.

All that said, in 2020, Beautycounter announced to consultants that they were going talc-free in summer of 2021... which meant that several products, including cosmetic powders, were being discontinued.

I was pretty devastated.

Talc, in the way it was used at Beautycounter (rigorously tested and screened), does not have research raising safety concerns (however, let the record note that talc DOES have safety concerns as it can be mined with asbestos and in recent years there have been cosmetics marketed to children and teens containing asbestos-contaminated talc. More here).

Beautycounter prides themselves as a company of transparency and safety, and in an abundance of caution, has become a leader formulating without talc. We've had a couple talc-free palettes (Golden Hour Palette from Holiday 2020 and now Good Glitz Palette available 2021) so my hope is talc-free powders are on their way soon!

Get to the point, Kate...

Blush powders were discontinued and cream blush was going to be the new norm... and I had to prepare myself for that blow too.

Until I tried the cream blush...

Wearing Beautycounter's Chai Cheeky Clean Cream Blush
Wearing Beautycounter's Cider Cheeky Clean Cream Blush

Quick Highlights:

  • Available in 8 new shades

  • 100% is obsessively tested for heavy metals

  • Fun fact: of the 65 cosmetic colorants allowed in the US, Beautycounter only allows 18 colorants to be used.

  • Makeup + Skincare: Contains moisturizing squalane so color is dewy, but not greasy and jojoba esters to moisturize, soothe + soften skin

  • Versatile being able to be used on cheeks, lips and eyes

  • 100% of the plastic in this refillable compact is composed of Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) resin

  • Refillable packaging - simply pop out your old pan and switch for a new! (save $12 on the refill - coming January 2022)

  • No mineral oil, cyclic silicones, synthetic film formers, BHT, or PEGs in this safer formula

  • Cost of the product (compact + blush) is $38us/$50 cad. Refills are $26us/$34cad

Check out the Cheeky Blush >>


Everything Beautycounter formulates has to pass 12 blueprint for clean standards (all the details found here).

Beautycounter's Blueprint for Clean Standards

This encompasses our 1,800 Never List (ingredients we vow to never use in our products because of safety concerns) and rigorous testing process.

I have been using clean products for over 7 years now, and I've never found a company as transparent and honest as this one.


I've talked about this on my instagram before, but I'm not the best gal to chat with about sustainability, recycling, etc. I work really hard to be mindful of my own efforts, but it is something that I didn't grow up thinking about and I panic when I go to Whole Foods and see all the different options afraid I'm going to "mess it up."

Which is another reason I'm so grateful to Beautycounter for doing a lot of the legwork for me... especially when it comes to this blush!

I honestly think half the reason I love this product so much is the new packaging. It's a gorgeous white compact with gold accents. And it's refillable!

Not only is it refillable when your favorite shade runs out, you can also pop in different shades whenever you like!

An estimated 100% of the plastic in this package is composed of Post-Consumer Recycled resin. Win- win- win!

Please note that the refill functionality is ready for you to use immediately; however, we will be launching separate refills (without the compact case) in January 2022. The refills will be available for purchase at $26 USD /

$34 CAN. (save $12)

Innovation - Skincare + Makeup in One

Beautycounter has also been adding skincare benefits to all new makeup launches, and I'm really pumped about it because I've been actually noticing a difference in my own skin... as a result of wearing makeup?!