• Kate

Favorite Newborn & Baby Products

The amount of "stuff" a baby needs is so overwhelming! Here are some of my favorites after 12 weeks in. These are registry must-haves!

There are a few items I'm not sold on yet: namely diapers, bottles, etc... but it's a pretty nice list here.

I've split it up into At Home | On-the-Go | Clothing & Linens | Playtime | General


Leachco Newborn Podster aka the "Pod"

This is #1 on my list. Miss Charlotte has been sleeping in it for the nighttime since before we found out about her reflux (thank goodness) because it has an elevation and makes her feel snuggled. Of course, keep a close eye on the baby if they are sleeping in a pod, but she is usually swaddled, cradled in and cozy! I love it even to bring with me to my parents house or around when I'm folding laundry so she has a nice comfy spot to sit and watch :)

Snap Swaddles

We tried about every swaddle under the sun. I hated the swaddles with all of the velcro... hello! Are we trying to wake up the entire neighborhood?! Although I wish you could just zip the bottom part for diaper changes, these are the swaddles we are using as she has started to sleep longer stretches at night.

Pack 'n Play

Another LIVER SAVER. We set this up in our living room and I slept on the couch for nearly the first 9 weeks (ugh, my back is STILL screaming at me for that one). I love having it downstairs for easy diaper changes during the day and napping. The bouncer that came with it is not the greatest, but it's nice to have another place to put her during the day.


THIS is the only way I started sleeping longer stretches. First, we were sleeping using the pack 'n play in the living room. Then, I tried using a cosleeper in our bed... that lasted one night. We tried moving to the guest bedroom so we didn't disturbe my husband but my back would get shooting pains when I tried to nurse and every grunt, groan, movement would keep me WIDE awake.

I thought I would be a parent that coslept in the same room until she was 1... bah! Around 9.5-10 weeks, I moved her in her pod to her crib with this video monitor. LIFE CHANGING for both of us. She was sleeping 4+ hours at a time and I would actually fall asleep because the monitor wouldn't light up unless she made a noise. I keep the volume a little lower and typically only get up now if she is really squirming and waking up. While I feel guilty, it's made a huge, huge difference for us.

Rock n Play Smart Connect

I've heard rave reviews about the Rock n Play... so I decided to get it with the bluetooth smart connect option. It is pretty nice to be able to control it from your phone. Little Charlotte doesn't love it as much as some babies seem to, but she will take some nice naps and I can even lay her in it while I try to get some things done around the house.

Beautycounter Calming Diaper Cream

Beautycounter Gentle All Over Wash

Beautycounter Baby Oil

My baby girl has SUPER sensitive skin. She had a diaper rash for the first 2-3 weeks and would even get a small rash if someone held her that used a fragrant laundry detergent... which makes sense, their little skin is so pure and new! I used Beautycounter's baby line on her from the beginning and she did great with it. I tried a ton of different diaper creams initially, thinking that this wasn't going to be strong enough, but this is the only one that not only cleared it up, but actually calmed her down when I put it on... calming cream is right! I love it and have one upstairs, downstairs, in the diaper bag and stashed in the car!