• Kate

#TryPod Month: My Favorite Podcasts!

Before March is over Ok, scratch that.. I edited this so many times that March really is over now! BUT I wanted to make sure I shared my favorite podcasts for #TryPod month, even if it is a couple days late.

In an effort to get more people listening to podcasts, there has been a movement called #TryPod... so now I'm encouraging you, friend!

Podcasts are FREE and you can basically learn about anything & everything you want.

I listen to podcasts all. the. time.


Folding/putting away laundry


In the car (I don't know the last time I just turned on the radio)

Getting ready in the morning

If I'm doing mindless work

Cooking/meal prepping

Anytime you would listen to music

The ONLY place I find I can't listen to a podcast is when I'm in the gym for a strength or cardio workout... then I need some music (but I'm about 4 years behind on music since this is when I started on the podcast bandwagon - ha!)

My Favorite Podcasts

I've organized my favorites below by "genre" if you will...

Nutrition | Girlboss | Personal Development/Lifestyle/Wellness


When I started listening to podcast years ago, I purely listened to nutrition podcasts. Now, I love listening more for the girlboss aspect, but regardless, here are some of my favorite nutrition/wellness casts!

The Ladies Dish

Shameless plug... my podcast with my two NTC girlfriends. We address nutrition/wellness topics as well as answer listener questions and have 70 episodes now. We love our Dishers!

Balanced Bites Podcast

The podcast that inspired me to start podcasting! I love Diane & Liz. They are knowledgable and have such a fun banter back and forth, plus the interviews are always on-point!

Fed & Fit Podcast

Cassy Joy is just a ray of sunshine. She always brightens my day when I listen to her podcasts and I like that she addresses a lot of the mindset pieces of nutrition.

Her Rules Radio

Alexandra Jamieson has evolved her podcast lately - it used to be called The Crave Cast - so I'm not as into some of the topics, but I'm all about females supporting one another and chatting health/wellness.


Online Marketing Made Easy

I LOVE AMY PORTERFIELD. She just seems so down to earth and her voice is amazing. She shares so much knowledge on this podcast about a variety of topics. If you are building a business, this is a must-listen!

Build Your Tribe

Chalene shares a ton of great tips for building your online business in this podcast.

The Marie Forleo Podcast

This is just a remake of the videos that Marie puts out on Tuesdays, but I'm more inclined to listen to the audio than watch the video. PLUS these are SUPER short - usually under 10 minutes.

The Biz Chix Podcast

Not all of these episodes pertain to me, but Natalie does a great job of organizing them and there are usually valuable snippets within them.

Build a Badass Business

This is Diane's other podcast (see Balanced Bites above). Although she's not releasing new episodes right now, these are really valuable for entrepreneurs!

Personal Development/Lifestyle/Wellness