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#TryPod Month: My Favorite Podcasts!

Before March is over Ok, scratch that.. I edited this so many times that March really is over now! BUT I wanted to make sure I shared my favorite podcasts for #TryPod month, even if it is a couple days late.

In an effort to get more people listening to podcasts, there has been a movement called #TryPod... so now I'm encouraging you, friend!

Podcasts are FREE and you can basically learn about anything & everything you want.

I listen to podcasts all. the. time.


Folding/putting away laundry


In the car (I don't know the last time I just turned on the radio)

Getting ready in the morning

If I'm doing mindless work

Cooking/meal prepping

Anytime you would listen to music

The ONLY place I find I can't listen to a podcast is when I'm in the gym for a strength or cardio workout... then I need some music (but I'm about 4 years behind on music since this is when I started on the podcast bandwagon - ha!)

My Favorite Podcasts

I've organized my favorites below by "genre" if you will...

Nutrition | Girlboss | Personal Development/Lifestyle/Wellness



When I started listening to podcast years ago, I purely listened to nutrition podcasts. Now, I love listening more for the girlboss aspect, but regardless, here are some of my favorite nutrition/wellness casts!

The Ladies Dish

Shameless plug... my podcast with my two NTC girlfriends. We address nutrition/wellness topics as well as answer listener questions and have 70 episodes now. We love our Dishers!

Balanced Bites Podcast

The podcast that inspired me to start podcasting! I love Diane & Liz. They are knowledgable and have such a fun banter back and forth, plus the interviews are always on-point!

Fed & Fit Podcast

Cassy Joy is just a ray of sunshine. She always brightens my day when I listen to her podcasts and I like that she addresses a lot of the mindset pieces of nutrition.

Her Rules Radio

Alexandra Jamieson has evolved her podcast lately - it used to be called The Crave Cast - so I'm not as into some of the topics, but I'm all about females supporting one another and chatting health/wellness.



Online Marketing Made Easy

I LOVE AMY PORTERFIELD. She just seems so down to earth and her voice is amazing. She shares so much knowledge on this podcast about a variety of topics. If you are building a business, this is a must-listen!

Build Your Tribe

Chalene shares a ton of great tips for building your online business in this podcast.

The Marie Forleo Podcast

This is just a remake of the videos that Marie puts out on Tuesdays, but I'm more inclined to listen to the audio than watch the video. PLUS these are SUPER short - usually under 10 minutes.

The Biz Chix Podcast

Not all of these episodes pertain to me, but Natalie does a great job of organizing them and there are usually valuable snippets within them.

Build a Badass Business

This is Diane's other podcast (see Balanced Bites above). Although she's not releasing new episodes right now, these are really valuable for entrepreneurs!


Personal Development/Lifestyle/Wellness


Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project and Before than Before, podcasts with her sister, Elizabeth Craft. This is just a feel good, fun podcast that really helps you understand yourself and think about what you do in your daily life.

The Chalene Show

Chalene is the creator of PiYo (the group fitness format I used to teach!) and though she can be a bit much, she does share extremely valuable content in a very wide range here. Her other podcast I shared above, Build Your Tribe.

The Melissa Ambrosini Show

Melissa is author of one of my favorite books, Master your Mean Girl. She just started this podcast, and I love listening... especially because she's Australian - such a fun accent!

JJ Virgin Lifestyle Show

JJ covers a wide range of topics on her show and I really enjoy the experts she brings on. Also, these are quite short so I know I can throw one on when I have a short errand to run.

PaleOMG Uncensored

This is purely for entertainment... Moms, cover your little ones ears. Juli has quite the potty mouth, but I just sit there and laugh when I listen to this show!

Confidence On-the-Go

Trish Blackwell seems like class act and is really dedicated to helping you improve your confidence. I enjoy listening to this one outside on a walk or on a bikeride.

Nine to Five Balance

Rose & Jenna are cousins that began a podcast, and they also happen to be two of my clients! I love this concept of sharing health and wellness tips that they can balance between their busy full-time careers. Way to go ladies! I was also interviewed for the show, which should be airing shortly!


Above are the podcasts I listen to with the most frequency. I have several other shout-outs where I may be not necessarily be subscribed, but I often check through to see if there are new episodes I'd be interested in listening too:

Mind Body Musings

Fearless Rebelle Radio

Fat-Burning Man **fun fact - this is the first podcast I ever listened to - Abel's voice is so silky smooth, I love it!

Social Media Marketing Podcast

Entrepreneur on Fire

Revolution Health Radio

The School of Greatness

Brand Ambition Podcast

The Paleo Women Podcast


Are you already a podcast listener?

Have you left a review!?

It's really important to support the work of the podcasts that you listen too. Most of us are doing this for free or a very minimal cost.

Learn how to leave a review here >

Do you have some podcasts that YOU love? Share them in the comments below so I can check them out... or let me know what your favorites are from my list :)

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