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Gift Guide for Her (All under $100)

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Check out this curated list for the special women in your life - your mom, mother-in-law, sister, sister-in-law, aunt, friends, etc would all love a gift from below :) Best of all, everything is under $100. Happy shopping, friend!

10 items as gifts for her under $100

  1. Essentials Eye Palette - $39 - this palette has become a new favorite. I love the options of a warm or cool duo, super versatile and everyone will be able to use it!

  2. Framebridge - Starts at $50 - I adore a personalized gift and this is such a fun way to eternalize a favorite memory or family photo. Lots of frames to choose from and it comes done for you.

  3. Face Steamer - $59 - My face steamer is my favorite "beauty tool." I use it on a Sunday night as a relaxation tool to prepare for the week ahead.

  4. Cozy Robe - I'm a robe connoisseur and honestly I've had expensive and cheap ones and I've found that my favorites for winter have to be a thicker (but not toooooo heavy!) material with pockets. This one ($37.99) is on my wish list... it's a Barefoot Dreams dupe!

  5. Sherpa Belt Bag - $58 - These "belt bags" (aka glorified fanny packs) are all the rage at the moment, so why not winterize it?! Or if you prefer the plain, check out this one.

  6. Dried Floral Wreath - Start around $30 - I love a bouquet of fresh flowers, but sometimes they just don't seem to make to long. I got this for those hard-to-buy-for on my list a couple years ago for the holidays - a freshly dried wreath! It smelled beautiful and lasted for the season. You could also do a preserved option!

  7. Half Baked Harvest Every Day - $18.49 - I haven't bought a cookbook for a while because I really like several I have, but I flipped through this book at my friend's place and instantly put it on my list! Everything sounded devine, the book just FELT like luxury, and recipes seemed easy enough to handle on the busy nights.

  8. Bright Side Duo - $75 - Who doesn't want glowing skin? These two skincare powerhouses can be added to any routine as an extra treatment step. I seriously will never live without my overnight peel now!

  9. Monogrammed Makeup Bag - $30 - Now that we can travel again, help her pack easier with a cute monogrammed makeup bag!

  10. Dainty Necklace - $39 - I love having a dainty necklace I can wear alone or with other necklaces. This style is perfect, goes with any outfit and would pair well!

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