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Gift Guide for Her Stocking Stuffers (Under $75)

Stockings were always my mom's favorite part of Christmas and we always saved them until the end! I think they are super fun to shop for too, and here are some of my favorites geared towards the ladies on your list.

10 gifts for her christmas stocking stuffers

Please note: some items in this blog post are affiliate links. It does not cost extra to you but I may get a kick-back. I appreciate you supporting my business!

  1. Jellies - $75 for 8 (big sale for Black Friday in November!) - These are just so much fun to get and gift. They cash in at about $9.38 a jellie, making it a set you can easily split among many. They smell delicious (without nasty ingredients) and they actually contain a TON of product. I even give my 5 year old her own (she loves Raspberry and Sorbet!)

  2. Bath Bombs - Varies - My daughter LOVES bath bombs, and I frequently turn to ETSY to support small businesses when looking for bath bombs! I also love to gift these for kids birthdays because it's not "just another toy" and is consumable!

  3. Gua Sha - $32 - I'm a big gua sha fan! It is an ancient healing technique that rejuvenates the skin and helps to reduce puffiness my promoting movement of the lymphatic system. The best part is the results are instant. I have this stone and love using it! Even C grabs it sometimes :) (Click here to read "Is Gua Sha better than Botox?")

  4. iWatch band - $12 for 2 - There are seriously SO many cute iWatch bands these days. They are so easy to swap based on your outfit - a true jewelry accessory!

  5. Beyond Bright Minis - $65 - Who doesn't want bright, glowing skin? This set has it all with an AHA toner, a Vitamin C treatment, and a Vitamin C facial oil... the holy grails of skincare right there!

  6. Cabin Socks - $30 for 5 - Every year around the holidays I load up on cabin socks for the winter.. and every year I put holes in every single pair because I wear them so much! I love cozy socks (over slippers!)

  7. Dainty earrings - $30 - I have dainty gold hoops on my wish list this year! Always nice to have a timeless piece of jewelry.

  8. Perfume Samples - $28 or $45 - It's so hard to choose a scent for someone, but it's really fun to gift these sample sizes and let them find one they love on their own! Plus, they'll get $20 towards a full-size. I love Henry Rose as well because they are EWG certified, 100% transparent with their ingredients, and give back to BCPP (Breast Cancer Prevention Partners). I got the full collection last Christmas and honestly I love the size for travel and options!

  9. Long Matches - $10 - Is it just me, or are long stick matches having a moment? I'm obsessed. I got a set last year to light our advent calendar, and I just LOVE lighting things with them. This set is adorable for a little color & shop small, or this set ($20) for a classic look.

  10. Plush Velvet Jewelry Case - $19.99 - I have this on my wish list this year, I adore these cute velvet jewelry cases, perfect for travel!!

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