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Gift Guide for Kids (Gender Neutral + All under $100)

Check out this budget-friendly list of kid gifts. Best of all? They are gender neutral, so all kids will love every item!

Please note: some items in this blog post are affiliate links. It does not cost extra to you but I may get a kick-back. I appreciate you supporting my business!

Gift Guides Gender Neutral Kids Under $100 2022

  1. Young, Wild & Friedman Kits - Start at $15 - We adore these kits! Super high quality, everything has a place, and there are so many options to choose from. We have a unicorn & a dino set, and for our travels, I usually just grab one to take with us for hours of playing! There are mini sets, regular size, and even subscriptions.

  2. Instant Print Camera - Start at $49 - There are a million ways to do this gift: a digital camera if you don't want prints, a polaroid (grown-ups can have fun with it too), but how fun is this instant sticker print camera?!?

  3. Year Cheer - $49.95/box - If your kids love decorating, holidays, etc, this is a super fun gift! I got this for my nephew and niece and they loved it! You could gift a single holiday or several boxes!

  4. Dino Dana Field Guide(s) - $18.95/guide - Okay, these books are beyond fantastic, truly. If you have a dino fan (or even if you just want to have a variety of things to read with your kiddo), I cannot recommend this book enough. Charlotte has carried this around with her everywhere since she got it when she was 3 and we frequently enjoy learning about a dino (or prehistoric creature if you grab volume 2!)

  5. Gumball Machine - $40.99 - This is just a fun gift for those hard-to-buy for kids who aren't totally into toys... you could also put other items in outside of gumballs. I kinda love the idea of even putting in little affirmations or mini gifts and having it be a fun treasure for special occasions.

  6. Yoto Mini Player - $69.99 for the mini - I grabbed this for C this Christmas because she's recently really been into audiobooks and music. I love that it's portable and that you could also use it as a bluetooth player. I originally wanted something with Spotify capabilities but I just didn't like how a lot of those devices had wifi and lots of buttons... I crave simple and this appears to be so!

  7. Prayer Bear $20 or Heatable Stuffed Animals $29.99 - I love the idea of the prayer bear, especially for those who are celebrating Christmas (I may need to grab for my Godchildren!) or the Warmies - stuffed animals that can be heated in the microwave. What a treat to fall asleep with a nice warm stuffy (I also think this is super sweet for elderly who have a hard time falling asleep).

  8. Art Jar - $15.98 - Lord knows we go through A LOT of art supplies in our house!!

  9. Magnatiles - $49.99 for 32 pieces - I mean seriously, these are fun for kids and grown-ups alike. We are constantly using our Magnatiles to create fun scenes to play with... and now there are lots of different types if you need more variety! (These are the dupes for Magnatiles, and they don't hold quite as well, but if you need a more budget-friendly item -$27.99 for 60-, these are great!)

  10. Kiwi Crate - Start at $16.95 - This is another gift I've given to kiddos in our family and even C! Kiwi Crates are crafts/experiments that you can grab individually or on a subscription. Search by age or interest.

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