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Gift Guide for The Beauty Lover

This is a gift guide of all my favorite beauty things!

Most of these I cannot leave home without and they come with me (or I miss them dearly!). I have a couple repeats from other guides I put out this year because I didn't initially intend to write this guide, but I looked around and realized how many different beauty things I have and have tried - this is the guide I just needed to write!

Please note: some items in this blog post are affiliate links. It does not cost extra to you but I may get a kick-back. I appreciate you supporting my business!

  1. Facial Reflexology Tool - I freaking love this tool. This is #1 because it is my #1. I don't know exactly how it works, but when I use it consistently, my skin always looks better, my digestion is better, and I feel better. Reflexology is such an incredible thing! I learned how to use it from @noyskincare on Instagram. If there's enough interest, I can do a post about this one!

  2. Beautycounter's Lip Conditioner - Going to be DISCOUNTINUED in this container, but they MUST bring it back because I put it on every single night and cannot live without it, esp in the cold months! Also I'm laughing this is on my beauty gift guide because I rarely share about it and yet I cannot live without it and it makes a fabulous colder month gift!

  3. Pique B.Tox Beauty Electrolytes - I recently gave these electrolytes a try. I couldn't decide if they were working or not, so I stopped for a couple weeks and WOW, yes, I defintiely notice a difference when I drink them a couple times a week and I know that I personally need more electrolytes for health reasons, so it's a win win!

  4. Facial Steamer - I talked about this in the gift guide for her, but I LOVE my facial steamer. I use it on Sunday's (with Beautycounter's Overnight Resurfacing Peel) and it's a nice relaxing ritual for the week ahead (and really works!)

  5. Primally Pure Plumping Mask - Although I cycle through and use a lot of face masks, this one is one of my top favorites! It uses raw + local honey, rosehip seed oil (hi, Vitamin C + E), and bakuchiol - a non-irritating alternative to retinol.

  6. Silk Pillowcases - I realized recently how much my pillow cases seem to be impacting my skin (and hair really). Switching to silk, I've not only seen an improvement, it feels nice and cooling on my face during the night!

  7. Gua Sha Stone - I mentioned this tool in the Stocking Stuffer guide, and it's one of my favorites! An alternative to botox, and great lymph mover, the gua sha tool has so many benefits for the face and immune system.

  8. G.Tox Scalp Scrub - I discovered this product about 4-5 years ago and it's my favorite clarifying product for my scalp/hair. It studs up nice and really gets the hair clean! Hello, volume!

  9. Beautycounter Hero Products - All of the best products from the company in one cute and affordable set! This is the best way to try all the best-sellers and discover your own favorites. Many of my "must-haves" are in there, including the peel, the C serum, and the gloss!

  10. Get the F&CK Out Of the Sun by Lauryn Evarts Bosstick - I was gifted this last Christmas and it's one of my favorite books just the peruse while in the bath or laying in bed which I use the face steamer! You can pick it up and just read a couple pages and I've discovered so many fun tips and tricks!

Don't forget to check out my other gift guides - for her, for him, for kids, for stocking stuffers, for business owners, for stocking stuffers!


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