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How to Save Money with Beautycounter

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Save Money with Beautycounter | Holistic Kate

While on the hunt for clean beauty products in 2014/2015, I found a lot of "natural" brands whose performance was so-so and colorants were faded, muted, or baby doll pink. My skin looked no better than the coconut oil I was trying to swap from. I was frustrated and disappointed.

Since I was working on hormonal and fertility issues, I also knew I couldn't turn back to my previous toxic options.

I discovered Beautycounter in 2016, trying their charcoal bar and mask. Alleluia, they worked!!

Beautycounter was finally my solution and enrolled to become a "consultant" shortly thereafter (I wasn't sure what that really meant at the time) just for the discount because... as I hear from others... Beautycounter was more expensive than my previous products and I wanted to save money!

Beautycounter creates safer, high-performing beauty and skincare options. This means they fall into the category of department and "luxury" brands vs options found at a drugstore.

Yet, they have the mission of getting safer products into the hands of everyone...

Beautycounter fulfills this mission by lobbying in Washington and across North America to change severely outdated legislation in the personal care industry. The mission does not seek to get Beautycounter products into everyone's hands, it's about raising the standard of safety for ALL, so drugstore brands are safe for human health, too.

All that said, there ARE certainly ways to maximize your dollars with Beautycounter that are not possible with your standard retail brand. I'll share how to get free shipping, free gifts, discounts, and more.

Plus, make sure you are on my clean beauty newsletter. I share promotional details and goodies just for that list.


Let's Dig In...

Time Sensitive August 2020: Brand New to Beautycounter

Currently, Beautycounter is offering a 20% discount code (which is rare for the brand!) to NEW Beautycounter shoppers.

  1. Visit

  2. Use code CLEANFORALL20 at checkout.

  3. Make sure Kate Markovitz is listed as your consultant at checkout and forward your receipt to for a special thank you!

Maximize Every Order: Band of Beauty Rewards Program

If you want to stretch your dollar on every order, the Band of Beauty (BOB) program is for you. This program typically pays for itself within 1-2 orders and is perfect for a shopper who plans on purchasing Beautycounter more than once.

Beautycounter Band of Beauty Rewards Program Membership

For $29 a year (no auto-renew), you'll get:

  • Free shipping over $100

  • 10% in product credit on every order to redeem in the future

  • Think Clean Welcome gift* on product enrollment over $50

  • Member-only specials (including access to my VIP group)

*If you sign up for the BOB with $50 of product in your cart, Poof!, a free "Think Clean" Welcome gift appears with a mini size Overnight Resurfacing Peel + Charcoal Mask.

There is another way to save even more on BC -- becoming a consultant! I'll compare the two later in this post.

Buy Bundles

Regimens, Collections, and Sets from Beautycounter come already bundled and discounted (5-20% off). We have Skincare, Makeup, and Body options available. This chart helps to break down the details.

Beautycounter Discount Roundup | Holistic Kate

I've come across two different types of people:

  • Black & White: These people would rather overhaul their products all at once. The bundles above are the best way to save while doing an overhaul. Note: you can overhaul categories one at a time to save the most without spending a ton upfront. For example: start with skincare, then following month, makeup.. and so on!

  • Slow & Steady: These people are budget-conscious or like to use up a product before replacing. Keep in mind, replacing ANY toxic products with a safer version is well worth your health and dollars! Replace when and how you can.

Work with Your Consultant

Beautycounter Consultants, myself included, are available to help you discover products best suited for your skin and keep you up to date on the latest and greatest promotions and offers (my newsletter is perfect for keeping in the know!)

We can also help you learn some tips and tricks for making your products last longer...

Some examples:

* Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer (or any similarly shaped) tube: simply cut the tube in half when you think the product is out and you'll have another 3-4 applications inside.

* Apply the charcoal mask with a brush instead of your fingers so you do not waste the product. ;)

Become a Consultant Yourself

As I mentioned when I shared my story, I jumped right in for the steepest discount: the consultant discount!

We receive 25% off personal orders and there are other sales/presales throughout the year specifically for us (example: when a new product launches, we can get bundles for 30-40% off. Starter sets during enrollment are also available at 44% off retail!)

The consultant opportunity requires an enrollment kit ($69 for members, $98 for nonmembers) which includes a Full-Size Overnight Resurfacing Peel, Lipstick, Tote, Canvas Pouch, and materials (pictured). We have optional Starter Sets available for 40-44% off.

During the month of May 2020, you can enroll as a Consultant for only $50... this is a crazy amazing option. Sell a Peel, C Serum, and Countertime Serum and you've already earned back your investment!!

Email me for more information :)

Comparison: Band of Beauty Member vs. Beautycounter Consultant

Here's an image showing a comparison of the Band of Beauty Membership vs. a Beautycounter Consultant.

Band of Beauty Member vs Beautycounter Consultant | Holistic Kate

Beautycounter Favorites

Need help getting started with Beautycounter? I'm happy to help! Below I'm going to share my favorite products that do well for the majority of my customers, but I also have a FREE consultation form. I encourage you to fill it out so I can give you custom recommendations based on YOUR skin and goals.


All 3 of these products can easily be added to ANY skincare routine.

It's hard to find instant gratification these days, but the Peel may be one of those products. I noticed a difference in the first use. With consistent use over a couple of months, my skin has been brighter and more radiant, any acne disappears much quicker, and my pores are definitely minimized. Read more about the Peel specifically here.

I've been using this mask every Sunday for the last 3+ years. It's my favorite way to unwind and get ready for the week ahead, while also exfoliating and purifying my skin. When used appropriately, it will not dry out your skin and I love the cooling sensation.

This product launched in April 2020 and now I will be shouting from the rooftops about it. It helps boost skin's brightness, improve collagen production, even skin tone, and protect against environmental stressors. I love the smell and see an INSTANT glow when I put it on my skin. The formula is ultra-stable with 2 forms of Vitamin C. I seriously love it! Read more about it here.


When I struggled with some skin issues, the coverage of Dew Skin wasn't for me... but now it's one of my favorite products. It provides lightweight coverage WITH SPF which is great for daily use. I don't feel greasy or like I even have makeup on! You can read my comparison of Dew Skin vs Tint Skin here.

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. It's such an easy to use, multi-purpose product! I love to add a little color to my face using this product, and will even wear it on my lips. It's so fun!

Lip Products

I'm a big fan of Beautycounter lip products (despite having the smallest lips ever!) because they are hydrating and not-sticky, I can wear basically any shade, and they are triple-tested for heavy metals and safety. Favorite Shades:

Lip Gloss - Peony, Rosewood, & Fig

Lip Sheer - Pearl, Lily, & Plum

Lipstick - Backstage, 9 to 5, The Fuschia is Clean (for a fun pop!)


Don't forget to sign up for my clean beauty newsletter to get the inside scoop on how to save with Beautycounter every month!

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