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Favorite Infant Essentials (6+ months)

All of the baby things!

I created a newborn and infant blog post around 12 weeks old, so definitely check out this post if you need recommendations for a registry or have a teeny tiny one.

Below are some of my favorites for infants approximately 6 months and older (once solids and food has started). Here are the categories I'm covering:

  • Solids & Food

  • Eating Products

  • Sleep

  • Playtime

  • Books

  • Supplements



BLW : Egg yolk, dulse flakes

Liver, Liverwurst, Quality Meats/Poultry: I am asked frequently where I get the meat (liverwurst in particular) for C. I've been purchasing quality meats from US Wellness Meats for years. I also recently got my first Butcher Box and love it!

Bone Broth (if you aren't making your own!): We really enjoy Kettle & Fire available on Thrive Market. I use the open cup listed below to give her sips.

Dulse Flakes: Since you do not want to add salt to baby's food, I've been using dulse flakes instead on foods like egg yolks, avocado, etc. She LOVES sea-flavors (probably because they contain the nutrition her developing brain needs right now... so cool how we crave what we need!)

Megan Garcia: First Foods & Beyond [Blog / Program]: I really loved gaining knowledge about babies first foods from Megan's blog and program.

Super Nutrition for Babies [Book]: This book has a lot of really great information and some cool, unique recipes! I made some gelatin jigglers for Charlotte the other week and she was fascinated with them!

Pictured: Pastured-egg yolk with dulse flakes & Bella Tunno bib with bits of gelatin jigglers on tray


Avanchy Plates & Bowls: These are the only ones I have found that won't easy pick up from the table when a non-interested infant is sitting at mealtime ;)

Silicone Bibs - Bella Tunno: Easy cleanup! I couldn't use these with Charlie at first because she was so little and was not fitting in a high chair, but I love them now that she is over 12 pounds. This brand also gives a meal to a hungry child with every purchase. I also love their teethers and pacifier teething clips.

Full Upper Body Bib: Although I don't use these every meal (again, too big on C), they are great when I want her to "explore" and try to feed her self and be exposed to lots of textures and temperatures.

Pictured: pieces of sweet potato on Avanchy plate with apple/carrot puree & goat milk yogurt in Avanchy bowl, plus HA PJs!


Dock-a-Tot: Charlotte slept so snuggly in here once she started moving more in her sleep and we had to transition to the pod, around 4ish months. She slept in this until about 6 months. Charlotte had silent reflux and once we started treating it, she started to spit up more frequently, so I definitely recommend a backup cover so you have time to wash in-between naps!

Sleep Sacks: aka wearable blankets. This is our "cue" to C that it's time to get ready for sleep (naps and bedtime). Her eyes get heavy the moment we put it on her. We used the Burts Bees during the summer and a heavier fleece during the winter.

Organic Mattress: Think about how much time you little one spends on their mattress (especially once they transition out of all the "sleep helpers" in the first couple months). I really urge you to consider an organic, non-toxic mattress though they are pricier. Here are some brands to consider: Naturepedic, Babyletto.

Organic 2-piece PJs: Around 7 months, C decided she did NOT like to have her diaper changed and basically each diaper is like wrestling an alligator. So I find PJs that are 2 pieces much easier than full-body or snaps and use those when we can. We love the organic ones from Hanna Anderson or Gap.


Stackable Cups: These are so much fun... we use them for multiple playtime purposes: stacking, putting in buckets, putting blocks inside, etc. We love Green Sprouts available on Thrive Market.

Chewing Pacifier Clip Teether

Teethers: Charlotte is a chewer and puts everything in her mouth. These are some of her favorites! Banana, Ellie Elephant, Pacifier Clips from Bella Tunno. They all become games and entertain her for a while.

Texture Multi Ball Set: I love exposing Charlie (have you noticed she has a million names and nicknames) to as much as possible and so the more textures, the better!

Indestructibles: Something about these C just loves and they are lightweight so she can move around with them easily.

Touch-n-Feel: We have sone TnF books from Usborne parties we've been invited too, and C truly loves them! She knows exactly what to touch on each page.

Hazel Village Dolls: We are obsessed with two little Hazel Village rabbits Charlotte received as gifts at Christmas... ironically one day apart from some of her favorites: Hannah (a co-worker's daughter) and her Uncle Matt (my brother). They are organic and come with a little story. So adorable.

Pictured: chewing the Bella Tunno pacifier teether while using me as a human jungle gym... the most fun!


Natural Sea Sponges: I LOVE LOVE LOVE these sponges. And now that Charlie is more aware during bath-time, she loves to play with them too!

Bamboo Washcloths: These are super soft and non irritating!


Probiotics - GutPro, Klaire Infant (use code 1010 for 20% off): We've used both of these probiotics with C and they have seemed to help her little gut develop a lot. I avoided the GutPro for a long time because of the price, but I noticed a huge difference when I added them in during bad reflux stages. I just sprinkle in her food.

Prebiotics - Klaire Galactomune: Also love this to help develop a well-rounded, healthy gut! Just sprinkle on foods or in a bottle!

Vitamin C: This cold and flu season is freaking me out, so I am trying to load up on immune-boosting nutrients. I use this powder to either sprinkle on her solid pieces or I will mix right in a puree.

Paleovalley Organ Complex: I noticed that Charlotte can have a hard time digesting some foods so I try to vary and change things up, but I didn't want to sacrifice quality or nutrients she needs. Maybe 1-2x a week, I will sprinkle this in her foods for the nutrition :)

Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil: Babies develop SO QUICKLY in their first year and omega-3s, plus fat-soluble vitamins, are super important for the brain. I have been giving her CLO since about 3-4 months old. Not often, maybe 2-4x a week, but she doesn't mind the taste now. I just break a capsule and put it on a spoon.

Camilia Teething Gel: C is not a pleasant teether and recently its been rough. I've been using this teething gel and it actually helps her a ton (for a couple hours at least).

Teething Tincture & Rub: See comment above. This is better when she just seems to be irritated or restless from the teething. The moment it hits her lips, boom, she's out!

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