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The Ladies Dish Podcast #19: Meal Replacement Powders, The Grainbow & Grapeseed Oil

The ladies explore a specific meal replacement shake and other options, is it healthy to eat ancient grains and what’s the deal with grapeseed oil – is it actually healthy? || Full show notes & smashed plantain chips recipe at the | Get in touch:

IN THIS EPISODE: Welcome to The Ladies Dish Podcast!

Catching Up: (00:58) It’s animal day on the podcast – 2 dogs and a bunny coming at ya this week!

Kate just got back from an AMAZING trip from Portland where she got to meet her bosslady, Diane Sanfilippo and another one of our favorite gals: Liz Wolfe!

Kate’s next 21DSD group is coming up – hop on the wagon now because spots are limited!

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DANA IS ON SNAPCHAT. WE REPEAT, DANA IS ON SNAPCHAT. Find her at Danamdwyer and send her some snaps! 😀

Get to Know the Ladies - Question of the Week (7:36): In honor of Kate’s bday tomorrow – do you have a favorite birthday meal or dessert you requeset every year?

Guess who said this?: “It’s Cake. Everytime. Everytime.”

What’s Cooking? (8:35):

Kate share’s a recipe for smashed plantains. Since Joy is so addicted to plantain chips, this is DEFINITELY a better alternative. She can’t wait to try them out. Here’s the recipe so you can try them too!

Listener Questions:

1. Hi! Have you ever heard of 310 Meal Replacement? I am looking for something to have for breakfast (used to use Shakeology)! I like all the vitamins, etc… that shakeology offers, but I want something less expensive a month. Wanted to see if you had any thoughts or insight. (13:13)

Watch Dr. Sara Gottfried explain about thickeners and what they do in the body in this video.

Check out shop for a thickener-free coconut milk! Don't forget - we also shared Kate's recipe for homemade almond milk!

2. Last week in the Parade Magazine of the Sunday paper, there was an article sponsored by Walgreens. It was titled "Eat the Grainbow"! The subtitle said, "Prevent diabetes and other chronic conditions by expanding your whole grain horizons." In the article, they highlighted some specific grains: Amaranth, buckwheat, barley, Kamut, rye and teff. I would like your opinions about adding some of these so-called ancient grains into our diets. I'm specifically interested because I have been following a Paleo diet for 3 years and have been avoiding grains!! Thanks so much!!” (28:25)

Soaking and Sprouting PDF – follow this to properly prepare your grains!

3. I see it says grapeseed oil is on the ditch list, but I thought it was healthy! I just bought a whole bottle of it!” (36:36)

Check our previous episode all about oils if you want more info!

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Meal Replacement Powders, The Grainbow & Grapeseed Oil | The Ladies Dish

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