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The Ladies Dish Podcast #25: Digestion Part Two – What Can Go Wrong

Part Two of our Digestion series – the ladies dish about what can go wrong when you’re eating + digesting your food and how to correct some common issues like acid reflux, constipation, diarrhea and gas. || Full show notes & coffee cacao breakfast at the | Get in touch:

IN THIS EPISODE: Welcome to The Ladies Dish Podcast!

Catching up (1:18)

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Joy’s most recent blog post is all about what she eats for breakfast! It’s easy to feel lost when you cut things like doughnuts, cinnamon rolls, poptarts, muffins, bagels, etc… So here’s some inspiration for your AM meal!

Joy also added a recipe section to her website so you can find some of her more popular recipes easily!

Interview Game Question (5:03) Since it was just Mother’s Day, we want to give a nod to all our mommas. There’s the popular phrase, ‘She got “it” from her momma.’….so, what is the thing you got from your momma?!


What’s Cookin’? (9:10)

Joy’s got a smoothie that will kick start your breakfast with some coffee and cacao! Click here to get the recipe.

If you haven’t checked out the last episode yet – listen to Episode 24 to hear all about how digestion SUPPOSED to work!

This week we’re talking all about: Digestive Dysfunction (10:40)

We go straight through the process, touching on:




THE LIVER AND GALLBLADDER Some more info on the gallbladder flush: Dr. Axe.

Super important: if you do NOT have a gallbladder, then bile is drip, drip, dripping constantly into the small intestine from the liver...the gallbladder is what controls how much goes in based on the signals it receives. It’s important you take a bile salt (like ox bile) supplement to help with that digestive process. Ox bile is a perfectly safe digestive enzyme for our gallbladder-less friends!



We talked about SIBO: Small Intense Bacterial Overgrowth...this is when bacteria from the LI creeps up in the SI and can cause an imbalance of stomach flora leading to food intolerances and digestive issues. Check out Diane Sanfilippo’s FREE SIBO resource on her website:

THE LARGE INTESTINE Your stool can tell you a lot about the gut flora - if they are small, dense, difficult to pass, or foul-smelling, it may be time to think about your digestion and the transit time. • How to test your transit time: o Healthy transit is between 18-24 hours. o Swallow 2 TBSP of sesame seeds following a meal. o Note the time and date. o Watch your eliminations for when the bulk of the seeds appear together...they will be intact. o Note the time and date.

Symptom Remedies for 4 Common Digestive Issues (46:34)

Indigestion/Acid Reflux 1. Braggs Raw Apple Cider Vinegar – 1 tsp-1 tbsp ACV in a shot glass. Fill remaining with water and drink it down – 10 minutes before a meal. 2. Papaya – enzymes that help break down protein – look for organic fresh papaya or a papaya enzyme supplement 3. Spices – cardamom, coriander, fennel, ginger and caraway – chew a few seeds or a piece of ginger to help with nausea or help you pass gas. 4. Herbal teas – Peppermint, Chamomile, Cinnamon, Fennel, Ginger, Lemon Balm and Licorice. 5. Try to relax and avoid negative factors that cause stress or emotional upset which can lead to digestive distress. 6. Activated Charcoal – more helpful for extracting problem substances that have been swallowed like food allergens, medicine overdose, household cleaners, sedatives or narcotics. Drink with plenty of water

Constipation 1. Eat plenty of coconut oil and other high quality saturated fats – fats are our body’s natural lubricants – they also provide a feeling of satiations and will help you avoid overeating. 2. Plenty of veggies (especially leafy greens) and moderate amount of fruit – plants provide a good ratio of fiber to water that is generally easy on the digestive system. Soluble fiber bulks up stool for easy transit and insoluble fiber acts like a broom and sweeps the colon clear. 3. Hydration – don’t skimp on water. Drink 16oz. of room temperature water first thing in the morning will gets things moving! 4. Plenty of probiotic foods and drinks – live cultures help jumpstart our digestion and feed the good gut bugs helping our overall well-being. 5. Avoid highly processed foods – processed foods lack soluble and insoluble fiber and are typically dry. So they create hard, dense bowel movements and can easily compress the gut. 6. Squatting – squatting is the natural position for making a bowel movement because it helps line up your colon to pass stool more easily. Try the Squatty Potty if you’re straining to pass!

Of course, if it has been days without a bowel movement you might need to do an enema or seek medical assistance!

Diarrhea Diarrhea is a protective mechanism of your body. When faced with something bad like pathogens – it’s a natural process to purge them as quickly as possible; aka the “Everybody Out” function. 1. Bananas – high in potassium which can be depleted by vomiting or diarrhea. They also contain fiber and pectin (absorbs water and bulks stool). Get green tipped bananas - the less ripe the banana, the higher the pectin. Very brown bananas are higher in sugar and can be counter-productive. 2. Applesauce – apples are also high in pectin! Peeling and cooking apples into applesauce is easier for your body. 3. Blackberries – tannins reduce intestinal inflammation 4. Black Tea – also high in tannins. Adding a spoonful of RAW honey will help boost good enzymes. 5. Psyllium Husks – high in fiber and are hydrophilic, soaking up large amounts of water. 6. Chamomile Tea – help with abdominal cramping and reduce inflammation. 7. White Rice – another stool bulker. The same goes for potatoes or other bland, starchy vegetables. These can help you transition back to regular food.

Gas 1. The same remedies as for indigestion above – because gas is the byproduct of fermentation in the digestive tract. Creating an acidic environment in the stomach will help move things along at the proper pace. 2. Probiotics – fermented foods or taking a probiotic. We love Prescipt Assist and MegaSpore Probiotics, both are soil-based probiotics (shelf-stable). If you're interested in either of these probiotics - contact the ladies and we can order some for you! 3. Exercise!

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Digestion Part Two – What Can Go Wrong | The Ladies Dish

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