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The Ladies Dish Podcast #31: Sunshine, Vitamin D & Sunscreen

True or False – The ladies tackle some common myths about sun exposure and sunscreen in this episode and share their favorite nontoxic sunscreens || Full show notes & chocolate mug cake recipe at the | Get in touch:

IN THIS EPISODE: Welcome to the Ladies Dish Podcast!

Updates (1:00) Happy Birthday to our lovely cohost Joy! She turned 31 for our 31st episode!! WOOHOO!

Interview Game Question (2:00) Where’s your dream vacation?

What’s Cookin’? (4:50) In honor of Joy’s bday she made….CAKE, of course! Try out this SUPER SIMPLE Chocolate Bday Mug Cake! You probably have all the ingredients on hand already and then all you need is a mug. Get the recipe here!

If you also want to try Joy’s cashew coconut milk ice cream!

Make the cake and tag us on Instagram and use the hashtag #alwayscake!

Today’s Topic: Sun exposure, Vitamin D & Sunscreen (7:00)

First things first...we NEED sun exposure, but the amount is definitely going to be different for everyone. Getting adequate amounts of sunlight (for your skin type) is a vital piece of achieving an optimal level of health. Sun is the best way for our bodies to get Vitamin D - in fact, 90% of the body's Vitamin D intake comes from the sun! Since we are told to hide from the sun and work in offices all day, it’s no surprise that a large percentage of the population (nearly 42%) is deficient in Vitamin D.

We tackle some myths about sun and sunscreen (9:30):

Listen to find out more info about (and the truth behind) these myths.

MYTH: Avoid the sun at all costs.

MYTH: Any sunscreen is safe to use. Check out the Environmental Working Group’s website for a lot more information on sunscreen!

MYTH: The food you eat does not affect how your body reacts to the sun. Dana mentioned collagen and gelatin as being great for your skin (and your gut)! Grab Kate’s recipe for some delicious gummies and try those out. We love Vital Proteins! MYTH: Sunscreen keeps you safe from sun damage.

Here’s a way to remember the two different type of UV rays… UVB are the “burning” rays – they will burn the skin but they are also the most beneficial for getting vitamin D UVA are the “aging” rays – they will effect our skin – giving you wrinkles and possible cancer.

Use this list to avoid all the Unsafe, Toxic Chemical fillers found in Sunscreen • Para amino benzoic acid • Octyl salicyclate • Oxybenzone (hormone disruptor) • Cinoxate • Dioxybenzone • Phenylbenzimidazole • Homosalate • Menthyl anthranilate • Octocrylene • Methoxycinnamate • Parabens (xenoestrogens - mimic estrogen)

Brands of sunscreen we love: • Badger • Beautycounter (SPF 30 and dew skin moisturizer has SPF 20) – LINK TO KATES PAGE • Coola • Primal life Organics • Primally Pure - Outdoor “lotion” • Try a DIY from • EWG’s 2016 Sunscreen Guide!

What SPF do you need? (28:41)

The Ladies Dish tips for safe sun exposure: (29;49)

1. Get 20 minutes a day - midday on bare skin - to get the maximum amount of UVB rays. The time of year also makes a difference. If you live in non-tropical regions, you will not make vitamin D when you go out into the sun in the winter. Because the sun is not overhead.

Check out Dr. Mercola's site for easy to read maps of sun exposure by month, like this:

2. Wear natural/mineral-based sunscreen if you’re going to be out for extended periods of time. 3. Cover up with light clothing before you get burned 4. Eat a diet high in antioxidants that will protect your skin and fight free radicals 5. Aloe, coconut oil and vitamin E are great if you do find yourself with some sunburn! 6. Apple cider vinegar can also be used to help take the heat out of your skin from a burn!

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Sunshine, Vitamin D & Sunscreen | The Ladies Dish

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