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The Ladies Dish Podcast #37: Kate’s Mindfull Makeover Program

The lovely Kate shares insight into her Mindfull Makeover Program. Why she created it, what’s entailed in the program and how it will help you be more mindful and show yourself self love in the process. Dana and Joy weigh in on their experiences too! || Full show notes & red pepper bacon quiche recipe at the | Get in

Welcome to The Ladies Dish!


Updates (00:58) Join our Facebook group! We are really excited to connect everyone in this community and have been enjoying the convos going on so far...Go to and request to join!

As a result of the Facebook group, we found out from Jillian that there is an app called Podcast Republic where you can listen on an android phone! So if you have a friend that has an android and wasn’t sure how to listen - help em out! Sharing is caring!

We are thrilled to welcome a new sponsor to the podcast - The Nutritional Therapy Association! This amazing association trained and certified all 3 of us as Nutritional Therapy Consultants or NTCs and also offers a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner certification track. We learned to teach the importance of properly prepared whole foods that are delicious, nourish our bodies, and restore good health. The NTP and NTC courses are currently open for enrollment until September 12th, 2016 andhave venues across the US. Check out Episode 8 where we chatted all about the NTA if want to hear more of our thoughts. If you are interested in health and nutrition, we highly recommend the NTA’s programs. Visit for more information and to get the registration packet! Scholarship for the Fall semester end August 15th!

Review of the Week (5:05)

Jcsaky says: “I’m a huge podcast junkie and the Ladies Dish has quickly moved into my “Top 3” favorites list They do a great job explaining the information in an easy to understand and fun way! As a future NTC myself, I’m inspired by the work they do and the community they’re creating. So happy to have found their podcast. Tuesday’s are the best!”

Interview Game Question (6:25)

The ladies share a favorite quote: “It does not do well to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” – Albus Dumbledore “The key question is to keep asking ‘are you spending your time on the right things?’ because time is all you have.” - Randy Paush “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

What’s Cookin’? (8:43)

Dana shares this week’s recipe for Red Pepper and Bacon Quiche! Her version has a pie crust and delicious cheese, but if those don’t suit you – just take ‘em out! Get the recipe here.

This week we are putting our cohost Kate on the spot in an interview all about her program Mindfull Makeover!

Kate shared SO much great stuff in response to all these questions – so be sure to listen to get all the good info and insights into her program!

Interview Questions:

We’ve talked a bit about the program before but can you give our listeners a brief description of program? (12:00)

What inspired you to write this program? (15:22)

How is the program laid out? What should participants expect on a day-to-day basis? (19:22)

Journaling is an important component to the program - what inspired you to focus on journaling as a tool for participants? (22:00)

You mentioned the food/health part of the program which includes a body refresh elimination diet - can you describe the 4-R protocol you use to guide participants? (26:56)

We also chat about the 4-R protocol in our Leaky Gut Episode so check that out if you want even more details!

Let’s give another sneak peek - tell us about Day 22. (31:30)

What surprises you most about the work you do with women? (36:38)

If you’re ready to ‘Say Yes to you’ and go on this healing journey with Kate, then click the links below for more info & to sign-up!

The next group starts in September 2016! Join in: Get more info:

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Kate’s Mindfull Makeover Program | The Ladies Dish

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