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The Ladies Dish Podcast #46: Cassy Joy of Fed and Fit

Cassy Joy dishes with us about her new book, her own personal transformation + health journey, how mindset should be a foundation we all work on and more! | Get in touch:

Welcome to the Ladies Dish Podcast!


We want to officially welcome baby Avery to the show!!! She’ll be joining us for the recording today!

Review of the week: (1:41)

DebraAnn4290 “Love these women! Fun to have three hosts and get a wide range of views. One of my favorites to get each week.”

We have another super special show for you all today, but before we introduce our guest, let’s hear about our sponsor!

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Intro: Cassy Joy Garcia, Fed & Fit (3:10)

She’s no stranger to our listeners as we’ve mentioned her on several episodes. In fact, this lovely lady was each of our top pick for the Paleo nutrition blogger that we would be a fly on the wall because she has such a wonderful, positive energy and is just plain FUN. We believe we can confidently say this after watching her snapchats and getting a peek into her daily life.

Cassy Joy Garcia is the author of the brand new book “Fed & Fit: A 28-day food & fitness plan to jumpstart your life with over 175 squeaky clean paleo recipes“. She’s also the creator of the Fed & Fit Project - an online program that’s opening soon, the voice behind the Fed & Fit podcast as well as the blog, Cassy has her bachelor in science from Texas A&M and is a certified nutrition consultant.

We also love her because she’s the furmom to her adorable & sweet dog, Gus, a self-proclaimed “determined optimist,” and a San Antonio resident and Aggie cheerleader!

Welcome to the show, Cassy!

Fed & Fit by Cassy Joy Garcia | The Ladies Dish

Let’s dive in!

1. We know you just finished sharing this story, what probably feels like a billion times on your recent book tour with Diane Sanfilippo, but can you fill in our listeners on how you reached this point and perhaps the most powerful transformation on your journey? (4:55)

2. You started the Fed & Fit Project as an online program, so we are curious, what inspired you to turn it into and write a hardcopy book version? (14:35)

3. Writing a book is a pretty intense and brutal process, but as the determined optimist, we want to hear what was your favorite part of working on the book and how you are feeling now that it’s in people’s hands? (17:39)

4. We LOVE the book. It’s really beautiful - the recipes are tasty & delicious, and really creative. Spill the beans… HOW do you come up with these wonderful recipes? (19:45)

Cassy mentioned being inspired by Jen’s Gone Paleo – and it’s still a live blog if you want to check it out!

5. In reading through your book you talk about how you spend a lot of time doing mindset coaching maybe more so than nutrition consulting and you decided to focus the first pillar of your 28-day program on mindset. Your most recent podcast episode is about the benefit of the doubt and you also had a lovely rant about on snapchat about being positive and happy - this is a topic that I know the three of us and our listeners are really interested in - so you can talk a bit about why mindset is so important to health and why you chose to focus on it first and foremost in your program. (23:11)

6. Speed Round (29:02)

• Since we are The Ladies Dish, what’s your favorite recipe from your new book? • Best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten? • If you could switch places with any celebrity for a day, who would it be? For a good laugh – check out Kate Hudson and Ellen on snapchat!

• We know you are a Beauty Counter consultant, so tell us, what’s your favorite product? • What’s your favorite part of the work you do today?

7. So Cassy, before we wrap up, tell us what’s next for you and Fed & Fit!?

Connect with Cassy >>

Facebook: Instagram: Snapchat: Fedandfit

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Cassy Joy of Fed and Fit | The Ladies Dish

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