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The Ladies Dish Podcast #49: Detoxing with Healthy Ginger

Is your body in need of a detox? Megan and Alex of Healthy Ginger break it all down for us on an episode all about healthy detoxing, their favorite tools and what makes a good or a bad detox program | Get in touch:

Welcome to the Ladies Dish! IN THIS EPISODE

Updates (00:54): We’re Joy-less today. Literally and figuratively – but strap in because we’ve got a couple special guests for you

LDP's Sponsor - The Nutritional Therapy Association The NTA is an amazing organization that certified all three LDP co-hosts as Nutritional Therapy Consultants. We all highly recommend the NTC course or NTP (Nutritional Therapy Practitioner) course to anyone interested in pursuing an education in holistic health and learning how real, whole foods help heal the body from the inside out. Visit for more information and to download a registration packet!

Introduction (2:25) Today we are so excited to welcome the ladies of Healthy Ginger - Megan Rand-Blacksmith and Alex Golden!

Megan is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist and mama to two beautiful girls. Alex is a MD known for her integrative approach to health through functional and conventional medicine.

Together they are devoted to helping busy women dig deep into the root causes of their health challenges and create long-lasting, sustainable, life-transforming changes with their guides, group programs and one-on-one coaching. Welcome ladies!

Megan’s background (3:49)

Alex’s background (4:50)

Today's Topic: Detoxing

How do you want our listeners to understand the word “detox” and how it applies to their bodies? (6:37)

Listener Questions:

1. ”How do you know it’s time for a detox?” (9:40)

Megan and Alex have a super easy quiz for this!! Click here to take it and see if it’s time for a detox!

2. A past episode we chatted about some daily detox tools and it was a really popular episode, so we are curious… what are each of your favorite detox tools or maybe some of your favorites that you use daily? (15:00)

Megan’s faves: dry skin brushing, contrast showers, liquid chlorophyll, detox bath Alex’s faves: contrast showers, acupuncture mat, milk thistle (Nature’s Answer alcohol free tincture – this is an advanced detox tool), tongue scraping, oil pulling, bentonite clay masks

3. I’d love to know how long it takes to detoxify your body from toxins that have built up (alcohol, preservatives, gluten etc)? Does it depend on length of time consuming those things or do our bodies all detoxify at about the same time once the item has been removed? (22:24)

4. How do you avoid getting trapped into detoxing - such as a 3-day juice cleanse, 5-day fast, etc… How effective are these or how much do they negatively affect us? (27:03)

5. What should I look for when choosing a detox plan? Any red flags that signal a not-so-hot protocol? (29:30)

Tell us more about your upcoming Love your Liver Detox & what Healthy Ginger offers. for great freebies and guides for different health issues

Seasonal group detoxes (18-day program) – The next group start is on November 3rd! Sign up in advance so you have time to prep for the start date!

Healthy Hormones Group Gut Membership Group for graduates of the Healthy Hormones Group

Where to find the gals of Healthy Ginger

Megan on Instagram: Gingernewtrition Alex on Instagram: Digprimal

Thank you for joining us this week for Episode 49. Remember to subscribe in iTunes so you don’t miss a future episode!

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Healthy Ginger - Detoxing with The Ladies Dish

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