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The Ladies Dish #66: Healthy Sleep Hygiene

Healthy sleep hygiene is something that we all forsake from time to time but we’re here to tell you WHY it’s so critical for health and HOW to get some more zzzz’s. | Full show notes at the | Get in touch:

Updates (1:04): 1. You can now listen to the show right from our show notes. Great for if you’re at work or you know someone that doesn’t use a smartphone/app. 2. Don’t forget to leave us a review in iTunes! It’s been awhile since we’ve gotten a review and this is just one of the best ways for others to find the show. We know we’ve gotten a lot of new listeners lately, so we would really appreciate the love if you are enjoying the show! (You can post a review straight from the app on your phone, too!) 3. Kate is going for her glucose test this week. She’s a bit nervous but we know she’ll be fine.

Update to come…

The “it” List (7:12) Speaking of pregnancy, this week Kate is sharing something she’s into: Pink Stork Morning Sickness Line - available on their website and on Amazon!

Today’s Topic: Healthy Sleep Hygiene (10:14)

Sleep is a SUPERFOOD. It’s a pillar to staying healthy. Similar to stress, you can eat perfectly, drink your water, and exercise/move, but if you aren’t getting enough sleep, you can’t be healthy. Period. It’s VERY important!

Stats on Sleep (11:20) 1. Insomnia is the #1 health struggle among Americans right now with 51% of Americans having sleep problems.

2. One night of poor sleep can set you up for 24 hours of insulin resistance, meaning you will have blood sugar issues and may struggle with weight loss resistance. It causes you to have sugar & carb cravings because they are the quickest source of energy, so you’ll naturally be fighting these cravings the whole next day.

3. People who don’t get enough sleep are 2x more likely to have an addiction and 60% more likely to be obese

Typical sleep cycles: • 10p-2a ~ physical regeneration • 2a-6a ~ psychological/mental regeneration

Barriers to good sleep (13:13): • It’s a low priority when we want to do ALL THE THINGS (work, cook, workout, hang out with friends/family, connect on social media, etc…) • FOMO – the Fear of Missing Out • The option of being able to stay up with all the lights and electronics • Caffeine/coffee • “Sleep when I’m dead” and trying to “catch up” on sleep doesn’t exist. • Seasons of Life – like being a new mom!

Resource: Fed & Fit Book (we interviewed her Episode 46) - find your own daily sleep number DSN! It will be different for everyone – and can change based on what is going on in your life and your current health status.

Healthy Sleep Tips (18:00): • Watch caffeine consumption - we all process differently, so if you are having trouble sleeping, especially falling asleep, pay attention to your caffeine intake and even stop it completely. (Kate mentions Chris Masterjohn...check him out here!)

• Get control of your blood sugar issues! If you have that afternoon crash or energy trouble in the middle of the day or even if you are waking up in the middle of the night, especially between 1-3am, it’s time to start thinking about a 21DSD or some type of blood sugar control challenge/diet to stabilize your blood sugar.

• Don’t be too hungry - or too full! Plan your dinner time accordingly. If you are waking up in the middle of the night hungry or with a blood sugar drop, try having a small snack before bed. You could even add in more healthy carbs at dinner. (Have you tried CoYo yet? It's coconut yogurt with super clean ingredients. Joy likes it, except for the pricetag! )

• Workout in the morning vs the evening. Hormones like cortisol will spike after intense exercise and you do NOT want cortisol higher in the evening, it should be the highest in the morning!

• Set a bedtime and create a bedtime routine. o I.e. turn off the tv/phone an hour before, wash your face/brush your teeth o When you practice the same routine over and over, your body will recognize the cues that it’s time for bed.

• Turn off the lights!! Use apps on your phone to block blue light, could even get amber glasses. Avoid artificial lighting.

• Sleep in a dark room. Darkness triggers melatonin, the hormone we want to be high in the evening, so you want to surround yourself with that dark.

Final takeaway - remember there is no supplement that can replicate the benefits of a good night’s sleep. For example, you can mimic the benefits of sunlight in an indoor situation with a light box and some vitamin D supplements, but you can’t find sleep in a bottle! Caffeine and energy drinks give us the illusion that we have energy but they are ultimately hurting our body’s ability to rest/restore properly. Sleep needs to be a priority every day.

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The Ladies Dish | Healthy Sleep Hygiene

The Ladies Dish | Healthy Sleep Hygiene

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