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The Ladies Dish #72: Dealing With Overwhelm

Do you live in a state of constant overwhelm? The ladies share tips on how to deal with the stress and emotions of overwhelm – make a change and take action are two of many tips they share in the episode. | Full show notes at the | Get in touch:

Welcome to the Ladies Dish

Updates (2:37) Kate wants to shout out a podcast from two of our listeners: The Nine to Five Balance podcast – Kate was interviewed on a recent episode!

Kate did a couple of FB live videos recently on the 21 Day Sugar Detox facebook page. Check them out but also be sure to follow Kate at Holistic Kate to catch her live on her own page!

Go out and enjoy the spring sunshine!

The “it” List (4:50) Joy shares the We Rate Dogs Twitter account to give you pupper/doggo smiles throughout your day. Follow them @dog_rates

Today’s Topic: Overwhelm! (7:48)

Overwhelm Definitions: • Upset, overthrow • To cover completely, submerge • Bury or drown beneath a huge mess • Defeat completely

How to know if you’ve taken on too much and need to scale back • Feeling totally overcommitted • Bad qualities or traits are coming out • Snippy or irritable • Not sleeping well • Losing perspective • Feeling ungrateful • Comparing or feeling jealous of other people

Comparison and Overwhelm A lot of people try to play “keeping up with the jones” But remember - we are all different and can handle a different amount of work, activities, etc. • Comparison episode: #62

Tips for Dealing with Overwhelm (12:35)

1. Accept responsibility and desire for change. -Have an honest conversation with yourself about what you committed to. - Prioritizing what really needs to get done vs. what you WANT to get done. Sometimes looking at your “why” - figuring out is it really important to do? Do your goals make sense? Maybe you can let go of something altogether.

2. Stop the people pleasing!! It is okay to say no. -Love yourself enough to protect yourself by valuing YOUR time and energy more than other people’s time and energy. -Try Joy’s new motto: if it’s not a HELL YES - then its a NO.

3. Keep perspective. Sometimes it’s a season that you are going through and it will end!

4. It’s okay to not be okay!

5. Focus on the most important task first… eat your frog! -Recommended read (or listen): Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy -Kate loves her Desire Map Daily Planner: 3 to-dos that MUST get done, everything else is a bonus. -Being realistic about how long tasks take Gretchen Rubin’s suggests timing yourself on how long a task takes.

6. Put yourself and your health first. -Always make sleep and rest a priority… whether it’s 30 minutes to bed earlier than you “want” to be or taking a day off or sleeping in instead of getting up to work out that morning. -Caffeine is a very high-interest loan that will catch up with you later! Your body NEEDS sleep.

7. Avoid Distractions -can we all agree that our smart phones are a HUGE distraction? Try to be conscious of how often you pick it up or how much time you’re spending on it on a daily basis. It can start to crowd out the things you want to do - the life you want to live. This can be true for ANY distraction.

8. Take Action. -Start taking action and knocking to-dos off! -If you need it, it’s always helpful to take a pause. It allows you the space to experience a mental shift in attitude, thoughts or emotions. When it comes down to it - Overwhelm is really an emotional reaction. Pausing will help you to stop going through the motions or lack of motion and be in the moment. You can take a deep breath take stock and figure out your next step. The opposite of overwhelm is Engagement - and that just means – ACTION.

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Dealing with Overwhelm | The Ladies Dish

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