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Random Things I Love

Valentine's Day is right around the corner... and I was thinking about all the special little things I love around our home. There are surprisingly many :)

I realized this is how I have been keeping my spirits up doing quarantine and wanted to share them here in case you find something that may spark joy for you too!

Note: some links below are affiliate links (not all!) I appreciate you choosing to shop through my link. It's no extra cost to you, but helps to support our family. Thank you :)

I asked for this coffee maker for Christmas 2019 and I still love it so so much! I make an XL single cup of coffee in the morning which allows me to ration my intake, without the plastic of other single-make coffee machines, but I also have the ability to make large pots of coffee when I want/need more!

Though a little self-serving, I have to add the Motherhood Grace Affirmation Mugs as they are some of the newest products in my Etsy shop! Choose from over 7 affirmations and personalize with a name :)

This is an amazing present for those hard to buy people (I received this as a Christmas present this year and LOVE!). A warm towel fresh out of the bath or shower is LUXURY at home. I didn't even know I'd love it this much. I've also been throwing my robe in there in the morning. Such a treat!

Robes (duh!) + Slippers

If I'm at home, I'm wearing a robe with slippers... I even have a seasonal collection of fleece for winter and lighter ones for the summer. I personally prefer a longer robe with pockets and I still haven't found the perfect pair of slippers (I've been wearing some $20 ones from Target this winter. I like them, but they won't survive much longer than this fall/winter season).

I've been loving a lot of fun loose leaf teas (some favorites below) and it's fun to use this teapot to brew!

Fun & Fancy Tea Cup Sets

I grabbed "fancy" teacup sets at Home Goods for like $4 a set for my sister-in-law's Alice in Wonderland-themed tea bridal party (that's a mouthful!) a couple of years ago and kept some of the sets for myself afterward. None of them match each other, but each individual set is floral and it makes me happy. Here's an example:


A few of my favorite tea brands lately.


Since we moved, I've been all about printing and hanging art.. it really does make the house feel so much more like home.

I'm also obsessed with our Frame TV and changing out the art on there as my heart desires (I apparently have a hard time committing... I change phone wallpapers, desktop wallpapers, etc at least 1x a month if not more!).

Coconut/Beeswax Candles - especially with wood wicks!

I've been able to find some coconut/beeswax blend candles for discounts at Home Goods/TJ Maxx lately. I love diffusing essential oils for the smell, but in the winter, nothing feels or looks better than a burning candle. Bonus points for a wood wick that also adds cozy vibes.

Face Masks + Relaxing Bathtime

I've also been loving a charcoal face mask with this relaxing youtube playlist. I'm all about self-care these days... but thinking about it in a completely different way than we are used too. Make sure you follow me if you wanna hear more about it.

Fitness at Home

It's been nice to have some options to workout at home while childcare is limited and hubby works/travels. Here is a round-up of my favorite options that I have done throughout quarantine.

  • Kam Jamz - MetKon RX (HIIT) + Power Hours + Beachbody on Demand - Kam is great for those of you who love intense workouts. She teaches live classes for $5/class or can help you get access to Beachbody on Demand.

  • Alyssa Kuzins - "embodied movement library" - Several yoga sessions and access to her custom BLYSS workout ($19/month)

  • Lindsay Kober - Move with Me (home) - Access to a library of workouts for upper, lower, full body ($40/month)

  • Marine Alton on Youtube - Personally, barre has been one of my favorites lately. I have a hard time recovering from high intensity and enjoy a 20-30 minute quick session to move my body. I enjoy her workouts! (free)

These are all things bringing me joy lately :) I hope some are new for you to try!

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