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Skin Twin Foundation vs. Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer (with photos!)

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Here's something I can assure you... I never thought I would put makeup-less, unfilitered photos of myself on the internet...

Much less dirty hair, makeup-less, unfiltered photos. But here I am! Also why you never say never.

FAQ: "What's the difference between the Skin Twin Foundation and the Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer?"

Beautycounter Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer vs Skin Twin Foundation

Valid question and with summertime approaching and recent launch of the Skin Twin Foundation, so I wanted to put my thoughts in a comprehensive post!

I switched out foundation as one of my first "cleaner swap" products since it is something applied directly to my skin nearly every day.

Important note: the first time I tried the dew skin, I didn't like it... but looking back, I realized I was still really struggling with acne/break-outs and dry skin. I needed to FIRST work on my natural skin through the skin care line, and now I LOVE the Dew Skin - in fact, it's what I wear majority of the time (more on that later)...

I'll briefly explain each individual product and then do a small comparison.

Skin Twin Featherweight Foundation

Skin Twin Featherweight Foundation | Holistic Kate | Beautycounter

Skin Twin is Beautycounter's UPDATED in May 2020 foundation formula (we used to carry a product called Tint Skin which was a fan favorite, but we made it even better!)

It's breathable, buildable coverage with hyaluronic acid to visibly plump the skin. It's hybrid makeup and skincare product which I think is just the coolest!

Special Ingredients:

Hyaluronic Acid (Sodium hyaluronate) is a natural moisture magnet that delivers hydration and visibly plumper skin, both immediately and with continued use. It also helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This is one of my favorite ingredients and contributes to the amazing results from the clinical trial below.

Jojoba Esters are also used to help moisturizer, soothe and soften the skin. Jojoba esters are lightweight and non-greasy emollients.. love it!


The formula is a light to medium coverage that lasts all-day* thanks to color-ture hydrophobic pigments. These pigments are specially coated to provide long-wearing, building, second-skin coverage.

Skin Twin vs Dew Skin | Holistic Kate | Beautycounter

* Based on a 32-subject clinical study after eight hours.

Want more coverage? Simply layer up because Skinw Twin is buildable (meaning you can put on a layer, let it dry, and add another layer for more coverage). Coverage also depends on how you apply. If you use Beautycounter's Foundation Brush, it will be a light application. If you use Beautycounter's flat complexion brush (which I actually use for masks) or a Blender Sponge (I use Mikasa's Lemon Drop Makeup Sponge), you'll get more coverage. Or you can just use your good ol' fingers! This formula feels like a moisturizer so why not!?


This option has 18 shades that are numbered in order. I also have a chart at the end of this blog post that can help you identify the shade that would match you.

Skin Twin Featherweight Foundation Shades | Holistic Kate | Beautycounter

Clinical Results:

Beautycounter Skin Twin Foundation Results

Immediate results:

97% said skin looked smoother.

94% said skin looked even-toned.

91% said Skin Twin covered imperfections.

After two weeks:

100% said skin looked naturally radiant, luminous, and glowing.

100% said skin looked smoother.

97% said skin looked plump.

94% said skin looked even-toned.

91% said the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles were diminished.

*Based on a 32-subject consumer perception study immediately and after two weeks of use.

How amazing are these results?!?!?

Product Profile

Tested for peanut, soy, and gluten allergens.*

No added fragrance or masking agents.

*We conduct testing for gluten, soy, and peanut allergens to ensure that the presence of such allergens is below the current detectable limits. Because we cannot guarantee allergen-free facilities nor the absence of trace, non-detectable levels, we encourage those with allergies to consult a doctor prior to use.

Note for Oily Skin:

Most people with oily skin are terrified to use a liquid foundation, which I totally understand! There are few options here to "set" the foundation: Beautycounter's matte bronzer or translucent mattifying powder! I would recommend this if you are oily and worried.

My favorite way to order this product is through the Flawless in Five set, which includes all of the products you need to create a beautiful look in 5 minutes or less and comes at a 20% discount!

Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer

The Dew Skin is a tinted moisturizer with SPF 20 that leaves the skin glowing and dewy. It's available in 8 shades and was awarded a "Best of Beauty" product by Allure.

Special Ingredients:

Black currant, peony flower root extract, and vitamin C reduce the appearance of age spots and enhance skin brightness, while sodium hyaluronate promotes firmer, smoother-looking skin.


This is truly a tinted moisturizer, so it is not designed to "cover-up" or mask blemishes.


This unique formula comes in 8 different shades Numbered 1-8.

You can also choose this face option in the Flawless in Five set, which is fantastic!

Beyond Clean

One of the reasons I partner with Beautycounter is because they go BEYOND clean.

We do not formulate with over 1,800 harmful ingredients including mineral oils, cyclic silicones, or synthetic film formers which may all be linked to harmful effects to human health and commonly used in face foundations. Additionally, we do not use chemical sunscreens that damage our coral reef and the environment.

We also test each batch for heavy metals to ensure meets our strict safety measures. There are 65 cosmetic colorants allowed in the US, Beautycounter prohibits the vast majority - we only use 18 colorants in our cosmetics (and can still get this amazing range!)

Finally, Skin Twin is in a glass bottle because glass has a higher recovery rate, meaning there is a better chance your empty bottle will be recycled into a new product once you are done with it! Moving Skin Twin into glass will avoid an estimated 235K plastic tubes from entering landfills and waterways in just one year. Woohoo!

Skin Twin vs. Dew Skin

Now that you know more about each product and a little more about the safety and sustainability, let's compare.

* Skin Twin offers more coverage and a creamy appearance, but no SPF. It does help improve the skin overtime performing like an active skincare product.

* Dew Skin offers SPF and a natural glow, but not as much coverage.

Here's a picture I took of my naked skin, the Skin Twin in shades 210 and 310, and the Dew Skin in No 3 (pictured says 2... shade range has SINCE been expanded).

Skin Twin vs Dew Skin Comparison Photo | Holistic Kate | Beautycounter

What do I use?

Majority of my days (especially since I'm at home), I wear the Dew Skin in No 3. (picture says no 2 as it has since been exapanded)

If we have a special event, or I have blemishes or need to go into the office, I'll either wear just the Skin Twin in Linen or apply both: Dew Skin underneath with the Skin Twin overtop.

I'm afraid to purchase a foundation online!

Yep, TOTALLY get that one, too! Luckily, I'm here to help with that.

Use this chart below and simply email me to let me know what you are looking for and I can get you some samples so you can try them out risk-free :)

Also, if you do order and find you don't love the product within 60 days, you can return the product to Beautycounter, no questions asked. There is a FREE return label included in your box when you receive your product!

I used and loved Tint Skin in the past. How is Skin Twin Different?

I was a tint skin fan myself and was afraid this wasn't going to win me over. It's tint skin, but better... more to love including improved wear and increased coverage buildability (I find it to cover slightly more than tint skin).

In addition, it contains 9x more hyaluronic acid which means better wear throughout the day and improvements in skin over time. The packaging is SO much better - I LOVE the glass bottle and the fact it's more sustainable. PLUS, it's EWG-verified!! Truly, it's great!

How long will the products last?

For Skin Twin: for light coverage, using 1-2 pumps every day, it will last up to 16 weeks/4 months. For medium coverage, 2-3 pumps per day, it will last up to 8 weeks/2 months.

Dew Skin has slightly more formula in the tube so it will last a bit longer than Skin Twin.

How do I purchase?

Simply go to to check out more products and place your order. Skin Twin Featherweight will be available May 19, 2020.

Your purchase helps contribute to our family & my ability to continue to put out content on the blog and social. Thank you so much for your support :) It means the world to me!

xx, kate

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