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Smaller Gift Ideas: Stocking Stuffers, Teacher Gifts, & more!

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

I asked on my Instagram if you needed help with creative "small" gifts and 81% said "yes!" so here is a list to get your wheels turning :)

As a former teacher, I always appreciated a gift card... but I'm also someone who likes to give something unique, memorable, and/or useful.

In this list, I'm going to include current sales if there are any ... current meaning at the time I'm writing this (right around Thanksgiving/Black Friday 2020). They may not be eligible when you are reading this, but I still hope it's a helpful guide.

Please note, I am a Beautycounter consultant and I'd be happy to help you customize a gift for someone on your list. Email me beauty(at)holistickate(dot)com.

I also have affiliate links in this post - it does not cost more to you to shop, but supports my business :) Thank you!

A couple of my favorite themes for 2020:

- Spa/pamper sets

- Nail polish/at-home mani set

- Cozy gifts (blankets, mugs, teas, candles, etc)

- Makeup upgrades

- Immune/stress support

- Small business support

ALL of these individal gifts would make PERFECT stocking stuffers on their own... just wanted to spark some creativity for pairing!

Also if you prefer gift cards, please grab them from SMALL BUSINESSES... not a big coffee shop, but the small local one around the corner, the friend who is opening a new place... shopping small means MORE in 2020 than ever before!!!


$30 or Under

$55 or Under

$75 or Under

I hope this mini guide was helpful. Happy 2020 holiday shopping :)

Remember: SUPPORT SMALL !!

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