• Kate Markovitz

Ultimate Holiday Gift Budget Guide for $35 and under

Another holiday season is upon us, and we can we just acknowledge how STRANGE this one is - a second season in a pandemic and now we have the supply chain issues which make the inventory and prices a bit questionable.

Not to worry - I'm the planning kind and can help you get your gift giving in order.

This guide is split into $15 and under, $20 and under, $25 and under, $30 and under, and $35 and under (that's a lot of unders!) It is is the perfect round-up for teachers, coaches, activity coordinators, friends, co-workers, stocking stuffers, white elephants (well the classy and useful kind) and more.

The base of my guide is Beautycounter since that has been my go-to gifts for the past 5+ years and also the reason I'm able to blog and work from home. Yes, I do make a commission from the company as a consultant, but no, it does not cost more to you to purchase it (and in fact, you can purchase without contributing to a consultant, though I'm not sure why you wouldn't want to support a rep!) To that end, if you need any help choosing skincare or cosmetics for yourself or others, I'm just an email away - beauty@holistickate.com.

On to the guide!

My rules about included items:

  • individual items had to be $25 or under (some books retail higher but were found for lower)

  • must be a company I know and trust and/or support a small business

  • some items are found on Amazon for the sake of not knowing where you are reading this from... I recommend trying to support local companies first (like book stores - I like Bookshop because it supports local book stores and you can choose your local shop. I'm an affiliate for this site!) or ETSY shops (since I have one too!) and even seeing if they can price match. If Amazon is somewhere you buy items, it is a linked affiliate resource below - I get a small commission if you purchase through me.

  • ALL individual items are listed AFTER the categories incase you just want to see them individually :)

Note: This does NOT include shipping, so keep that in mind. Beautycounter has free shipping during October 2021 for orders $50+ and there are ways to get free shipping if you are reading after this time and want to take advantage, simply email me: beauty@holistickate.com

Prices are listed PER GIFT... some of the options will give you multiple to use, I note this by saying X available (For example $11.33 x 3 available = $34 total and 3 products to gift).

Obviously any combination is fun and I didn't pull out my combinatorics skills to make sure all were listed (I was a math teacher before... remember 20 C 2, no just me?)... so use this as inspiration to create a DIY gift you'd love!

Happy shopping!
$15 and under Holiday Gift Guide

$15 and under

$20 and under Holiday Gift Guide

$20 and under

$25 and under Holiday Gift Guide

$25 and under