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12 Days of Safer Beauty [Educational Series]

February 20, 2019

Back in December, I did a series on my Instagram called 12 Days of Safer Beauty, and today, it's still gets a lot of visitors, questions, interactions, etc. SO I wanted to make sure it had a place to live over here on the blog!


These are split into Days 1-6 and Days 7-12 videos. Here are the topics!


Day 1: Introduction

Day 2: Legislation

Day 3: Transparency

Day 4: Banned Ingredients

Day 5: Sourcing

Day 6: Heavy Metals

View Video of Days 1-6 >


Day 7: Endocrine Disrupters

Day 8: Greenwashing

Day 9: Fragrance

Day 10: Product Absorption

Day 11: Infertility

Day 12: FDA vs Beautycounter

View Video of Days 7-12 >




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