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Currently closed for 1-1 Clients!


I offer group nutrition + lifestyle coaching through the 21-Day Sugar Detox + The Mindfull Makeover.

Groups will be announced on my social media channels.

The Mindfull Makeover is available as a standalone program. 


I provide 1-1 nutritional therapy consulting on a case by case basis, but am currently closed for new clients.



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21-Day Sugar Detox  |  1-1 Nutritional Therapy  |  Mindfull Makeover
21-Day Sugar Detox Coaching


Kick sugar & carb cravings naturally!


The 21-Day Sugar Detox is a nationally recognized program developed by New York Times Best-Selling Author & Certified Nutritionist, Diane Sanfilippo.


As a certified coach, I will take you through the program with extra knowledge and expertise. I have more information about the program under the 21DSD page.

NT with Kate

My approach to nutritional therapy is designed to help you change your perspective about nutrition and "healthy food."


No gimmicks, no diets, no restrictions.  


We will work together to discover what your body feels good eating and how it enjoys moving and figure out how to make those habits.


  • Info Forms: Fill me in on your health history and current diet habits.

  • Nutri-Q: An extensive assessment to target exactly what signs and symptoms we can improve - we'll compare this in a future meeting!

  • Initial interview (60-90 minutes; phone or online): we will review your forms in great detail and dig deeper into your primary health concerns.

  • Healing Plan: We work together to write a healing plan that will be manageable and achievable with your lifestyle.  This may require frequent meetings or touching base once a month - whatever YOUR mind and body needs to heal and be well.

  • Live Life Well Community: My private Facebook community just for my clients


Interested? Fabulous, because I'm ready to help.




Fill out the questionnaire below for VIP status on my waitlist!

Hey girlfriend...


Let's be honest: we could all use more self-love and appreciation and less of the diet mentality and self-sabotage.


I don't want you to feel badly every time you pass the magazine stand, look in the mirror or sign on to social media, so I created The Mindfull Makeover with YOU in mind!


You get 28 days of mindfull mantras, nutrition truthbombs, a 10-day real food body refresh to discover food intolerances, journaling exercises, plus daily check-ins.


Oh, and did I mention the weekly connection calls with me and the women in the circle?! Accountability + support at it's finest ;) 


I designed this program to not only help you understand how your body's hormones work for weight loss/management and to help you identify food sensitivities, an underlying cause of inflammation in the body -- but I also want to teach you how positive body image, self-love and mindset are critical components to healing and living healthfully.


In one month, you'll feel joyfull, at peace, and confident in your body.


The group will consist of 10-15 women who are willing to dedicate to the program 100% during the 28-days.


If this description has you feeling energized and like you are ready for a new + different approach, then say "Yes!"  


Please sign-up below and get on my VIP list! I will be sending an email to this list FIRST when the enrollment opens. My beta group sold-out in less than 1 day!!


I can't waaaaait to help you find food + body shame FREEDOM :)

Mindfull Makeover
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