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Kate's Plate Guide

Don't know what a healthy plate should look like? Search no further - this guide shows you how to build a healthy plate, my top foods for each category, example plates, and a template for you to brainstorm YOUR healthy plate options. 

5 Reasons You Hang On to Body Weight

Discover 5 reasons why your body may not be changing despite your attempts to diet or work-out. These may not be what you think!

Live Life Well : A Guide to Self-Love and a Happier Life

Packed with 5 tips + 5 action steps, this guide will help you appreciate yourself like your favorite pair of shoes or a warm cup of joe on a cold day.  Start waking up in the morning with a smile :)

Free Food Journal

Did you know.... journaling is said to be the #1 difference between those who are successful on a weight loss program and those that weren't?! Studies have shown that people who journal will lose 2x the weight as people that do not in the same amount of time just from this habit.  Girlfriend, I'm hooking you up here!

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