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Hey there,

I'm Kate!

Kate Markovitz Branding Session-Kate Mar

Let me start by saying I am SO happy you have stumbled into my life.


Not long ago, I would have been thrilled to know there was a light at the end of my health-nightmare tunnel, and I’m here to assure you THERE IS HOPE and healing.


My health journey has been, well, a hot mess.


Despite being “into” health and fitness my entire life, I woke up in my mid-twenties feeling pretty dang miserable and afraid.


I had spent years suffering from disordered eating... reading all of the women’s health magazines, meticulously counting calories, obsessing over working out every day (sometimes twice or even three times a day!), yet I felt completely uncomfortable and unhappy in my body and my body was completely fed-up with me.


I was constantly bloated and constipated, my cycle came and went as it pleased, headaches were a daily occurrence, I hated what I saw in the mirror, and I found myself staring at the ceiling every night praying for sleep.


While I knew what I was doing was not working,
I also had no clue what to change!


I was just plain exhausted. Was it really this much work to be healthy?


In late 2013, I discovered the “Paleo” diet and fell down the rabbit hole.


A lot of the principles made sense to me, but I was still terrified to actually eat the egg yolks, red meat, bacon and real butter. I had spent SO MANY years of my life avoiding and restricting food, the thought of full-fat scared the crap outta me!


I was certain I would blow up like a balloon, but I was also desperate.


And so, I began eating Paleo with the 21-Day Sugar Detox in January 2014.


To my surprise, I DIDN’T become an oompa-loompa AND some of my health issues started to disappear... it was almost too good to be true.


My eyes were opened to many of the dogmatic nutrition myths that had ruled my world for so long.  I was able to heal my mind and my body by embracing REAL FOOD nutrition and gratitude practices for the first time.


As I understood cleaning up ingredients in my food, I started asking about other products in my home - what about my makeup? skincare? household cleaning products?


Admittingly, I went super "crunchy" and ended up DIY-ing as much as possible and using coconut oil for... everything!


But that wasn't the solution for me either. My skin and hair weren't loaded with toxins, but they also weren't glowing and radiant. I needed to find that middle-of-the-road, happy medium.


I stumbled across Beautycounter, a safer skincare and beauty company - they combine safer science with nature's ingredients. I fell in love with their products AND their mission <to get safer products into the hands of everyone>.


There's way more to my story - fertility and hormonal struggles, difficult pregnancy & nursing experience, parasites and gut issues, blood sugar imbalances, and more...


But I can honestly say I would have never expected myself to get to a happy place in my body, despite the challenges I continue to face, but I am OH-so-grateful I did!



What I Do Now:


  • I am helping women change the narrative around motherhood.
    After going through Postpartum Anxiety, I realized the lack of uplifting and honest motherhood resources out there... so I created one! Check out my blog at + my book the Postpartum Grace Guide.


  • I'm a Leader with Beautycounter.
    It's been a joy to help women find safer products for themselves and their families and I adore being a mentor to hundreds of fantastic women who are also spreading the mission.


  • I’m a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association.
    I also created The Mindfull Makeover program, a 28-day transformation program for your mind & body.


And when I’m not writing a clean beauty plan or recording an Instagram story, I can be found giggling with our energetic, adorable, and headstrong daughter, watching The Big Bang Theory reruns with my wonderful husband or chasing after our crazy Springer pup (whom I adore and yes, I’ll be insulted if you do not feel the same).

Supporting Motherhood

One Journal

at a Time

Kate Markovitz Branding Session-Kate Mar

So grab a cup of coffee or tea... or heck, kombucha in a wine glass, and take a look around my site. I've shared articles about nutrition basics, fertility & pregnancy, safer beauty products, what I've ate in a day and lots more!


I appreciate you being here :)




If you are dying to know more (you are, right?!),
here are 10 things you may or may not know about me…


1. I was a band nerd…and even played the trumpet solo in the marching band my senior year.


2. I stalk Kate Middleton on every media form possible.


3. One summer I interned at a non-profit AIDS organization because I desperately wanted to go to Africa and treat children with HIV/AIDS.


4. My first love was McDreamy and now I break into tears at the mention of Grey's Anatomy.


5. I was the only high school math teacher with a colorful, picture-filled desk, coordinating office supplies, and festive stickers for all occasions.


6. I’ve tried to give up coffee many times, but inevitably break down as soon as I get a whiff of a freshly brewed cup.


7. I’m the worst gardener (and landscaper) on the planet. 


8. My brain works like a computer and I'm a total Apple junkie #allofthethings.


9. I like to call myself "multi-passionate" - teacher, nutritionist, marketer, event planner, saleswoman, coach, group fitness instructor, personal assistant, and the list goes on!


10. I truly believe that our health crisis can be managed with proper nutrition, knowledge, and healthy lifestyle choices. It has become my mission to spread this knowledge to anyone who is willing to listen :)

Kate Markovitz Manifesto
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