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The mindfull makeover

"There is a big difference between
Happiness is an emotion and temporary;
Joy is an attitude of the heart."

Hey girlfriend...


Let's be honest: we could all use more self-love and appreciation and less of the diet mentality and self-sabotage.


I don't want you to feel badly every time you pass the magazine stand, look in the mirror or sign on to social media, so I created The Mindfull Makeover with YOU in mind!


You get 28 days of mindfull mantras, nutrition truthbombs, a 10-day real food body refresh to discover food intolerances and daily journaling exercises.


I designed this program to not only help you understand how your body's hormones work for weight loss/management and to help you identify food sensitivities, an underlying cause of inflammation in the body -- but I also want to teach you how positive body image, self-love and mindset are critical components to healing and living healthfully.


In one month, you'll feel joyfull, at peace, and confident in your body.


If this description has you feeling energized and like you are ready for a new + different approach, then say "Yes!"  


I can't waaaaait to help you find food + body shame FREEDOM :)


  • You are done with DIETS. You are ready to make a LASTING change. You've tried the "quick fixes" and weight loss programs and have never found something to work for you long term.

  • Self-esteem and confidence are huge pain points and you are holding yourself back from a life you love and deserve because you struggle with feeling worthy or making decisions that align with what you truly want.

  • You can dedicate15-30 minutes a day for YOU, free of distractions, even if that means moving around some TV time or mindless social media scrolling.

  • You want a "quick fix" and are only interested in the scale, measurements, or losing weight.

  • You want to know exactly what to eat and when to eat it.

  • You don't believe in a mind-body connection.

  • You aren't interested in growing how you think about yourself, your plate and food, and your lifestyle.

  • You feel like you have it "figured" out, especially when it comes to self-esteem and foods that honor your body.

  • You do not have time to dedicate to yourself or supporting the other women in the group.

All the Details

The Mindfull Makeover is a program guide that walks you through thinking about your food and your mindset. You'll receive:

  • 90+ page digital program guide [you may take to a local copy shop to have bound]

  • 28 daily themes + topics with a mindfull mantra, nutrition truthbomb, recipe share, and book/podcast resource

  • 10 day Real Food Body Refresh to discover food sensitivities + rid the body of inflammation [with food guide]

BONUS! If you wish to participate:

  • A Private "Mindfull Makeover Collective" Facebook group with myself + the other women who are completing [or have completed] the Mindfull Makeover to connect, build relationships, and ask your questions

  • Daily Emails full with each day's theme, topic message, mantra, nutrition truthbomb, recipe, and resource. **You must sign up for these separately. Details in the guide**

Your next move? Save your spot.

What the Ladies Said:

About Kate

Hey there! I'm Kate. 


I created this program because I could not find another program out there like it. My clients were coming to me struggling with weight issues, low self-esteem, and no confidence. While I was tweaking their nutrition journals + providing food guidance, I wanted to point them to a program or community to help with this lifestyle...


When I searched for this resource, I could not find it! I found weight loss programs that told women to drink shakes 2x a day or even worse, SKIP meals entirely. I found programs that focused solely on aesthetics or extreme calorie cutting...nothing sustainable and nothing that I considered to be healthy.


I was, quite frankly, disgusted. My clients, and YOU, deserve better. I want you to feel healthy, vibrant, and confident...not restricted, obsessive, and unseen.


And so I poured my heart + soul into The Mindfull Makeover. I want this to be a guide and resource to send you on a lifelong, joyful path of health and self-love. One that appreciates and respects your food + your body, but most importantly, WHO you are as a woman.


I hope you will take the next step to better your life!


Give yourself grace...always, Kate

Ready to transform your plate + your life?

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the group take place?

The program will be sent to the email that is shared when you purchase the program. There is a private "Mindfull Makeover Collective" Facebook group that you are welcome to join and interact with other women who have completed the program. This is not required, but highly encouraged!


Why do you send the information via email?

In my experience, this is the most reliable form of communication. No logins, websites, extra steps...every morning you can find what you need for that day in one spot [and know where you can find past information]. I wanted to make this as user-friendly as possible! Receiving the daily emails is another bonus you can sign up for - they will not be sent automatically.


Can I use a different payment method?

Yes, I am flexible with payment methods, but you will just need to email me at so we can arrange another form.


Do I have to eat a certain way during this program?

I introduce a "whole-foods" approach to nutrition in the program with some general guidelines and how to build, what I call, a "mindfull plate." I am interested in helping you find a way to eat FOR LIFE, not just for 28 days. Mixed in the program is a 10-day Real Food Body Refresh, which DOES limit food choices for 10 days. This is a tool/skill that you will be able to use FOR LIFE and is not meant to be a restriction diet, but rather, information!


What do I need for this program?

An open heart + mind. Seriously, those are the 2 requirements. If you want a hard-copy of the program, you can send the PDF to a local printing store and have it bound for a reasonable price (B&W is much cheaper than color).


Do you have a refund policy?

A refund will be considered if you can demonstrate that you have gone through the program and completed all of the daily journals and materials and you were unhappy with the results. Refunds will not be given until you can show you fully completed the program.

Ready for 28 days of love + learning?

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