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The Ladies Dish Podcast #08: Get The Scoop On The Nutritional Therapy Association

Dana, Kate + Joy discuss the certification process they completed to become Nutritional Therapy Consultants (NTC)! Take a listen if you’re interested in their background or in taking the NTA course yourself. || Full show notes & paleo pumpkin chili recipe at the | Get in touch:

IN THIS EPISODE: Welcome to The Ladies Dish Podcast!

Catching Up: (1:00) Kate gives info on her upcoming 21DSD group in February! Enjoy your Valentine’s Day chocolates and then join in on the 15th! (1:35) Valentine’s Day PSA to all the LDP Dudes! (2:00)

Dana loves funny Valentine’s Day cards – do you go funny or sentimental? Here’s Dana’s card from last year that made us all laugh:

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Get to Know the Ladies – Question of the Week (3:43): What is your favorite board game? Kate loves Scrabble – old school style! Joy mentioned Bananagrams – have you heard of it? It’s like Scrabble – perfect gift idea for the extroverted introverts in your life!

Joy picked a game for sentimental reasons – Battleship Dana loves games that make you laugh and her pick was Balderdash.

What’s Cooking? (9:15):

Perfect now that the weather is finally realized its winter! Warm up with a bowl of Joy’s Paleo Pumpkin Chili! Get the recipe here.

The Scoop on the Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA) (10:29)

It’s that time of year when we all signed up for the NTA program that brought us together last year – so we’re getting a lot of questions about NTA, the Nutritional Therapy Consultant (NTC) program and what it’s all about.

What can you do with an NTP/NTC certification?

Tell us – would you be interested in attending a Ladies Dish retreat if we plan one? Comment below or on our Instagram page and let us know. Can you envision cooking classes, meditation, yoga (maybe some PiYo action), green juices, friendship bracelets and coloring?!?!

If you’re interested in the Nutritional Therapy Association, visit their site at!

Give us a referral! If you sign up for an NTA course and write down one of us as your referral, we’ll use the small donation from NTA and put it back into the podcast so we can continue publishing content every week for YOU!

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Get The Scoop On The Nutritional Therapy Association | The Ladies Dish

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