• Kate

National Nutrition Month

For the entire month of March, I shared nutrition facts on my Facebook and Instagram pages. I really wanted all of these to be in one spot, so here is a summary blog post with ALL of the days. This is a LONG one, folks. But if you read through it all, you'll learn SO much.

Note: I didn't know it was National Nutrition Month until March 3rd..oops! So I started there ;)

March 3 - Hippocrates Quote

Let food by thy medicine & let medicine by thy food.

This quote is one of my favorites. Somehow we have moved away from the inherently knowing that what we eat affects what happens in our body. I’m not sure if we have been taught this by our culture or just a blatant lack of knowledge or care. I’ve had countless conversations with people complaining of ailments or pains and usually, I’ll ask what they eat. Typically, I get a blank stare or an insulted “Why would you ask that?” Face. Newsflash: we literally become what we eat...our cells regenerate in our body in cycles, which range from a couple days (like taste buds) to months (red blood cells) to years (our bones), but we have some control in how they are manipulated by the quality and source of our food choices.

March 4 - Chew your Food.

Your stomach does not have teeth.

So maybe you knew this one….anddd you just forgot what it really means! You have to CHEW your food. Chew it until it is liquid before you pass it on to the next step in the digestive process. Trust me, sounds simple, but it’s HARD! The coolest part though? This simple step can completely transform what happens with that food IN your body. And NEWSFLASH. All you shake drinkers...you need to “chew” your shake too! You can’t just slurp it down into your belly. Let it rest in your mouth and move it around for the digestive enzymes to start the process before moving it along.

March 5 - One size does not fit all.

One size does NOT fit all.

I heard a great quote recently, “The ‘I’m having what she’s having’ is NOT a real diet!” Ahh, preach! When it comes to nutrition EVERYTHING is individual. This is why giving out nutrition advice freely is difficult...it is all part of a context. YOUR context. Your life’s context matters - your history matters - who you are and what you need IS unique. Don’t let companies and marketing ploys tell you otherwise. It’s about gaining knowledge and information and tweaking it to fit YOU.

March 6 - Organic & Gluten-Free

Just because it says "organic" or "gluten-free" does not mean it's healthy.

Picking up with that marketing..we have to remember that marketers are paid to learn how to get products in your hands. Just because it’s organic, gluten-free granola doesn’t mean that it isn’t laced with sugars and syrups and will cause huge blood sugar problems. My favorite way to avoid the confusion? Avoid processed foods all together...BUT I know that may not be realistic 100% of the time. So READ the ingredients. Look for words you don’t know. Look for hidden forms of sugar (my #21DSD groups can really help teach you these skills!). Be aware and don’t assume that all companies are looking out for you when they create their labels.

March 7 - Anti-nutrients


This is an important one! Anti-nutrients are plant compounds that reduce the body’s ability to absorb essential nutrients. Examples of these anti-nutrients: Phytates (phytic acid), which is mainly found in seeds, grains and legumes, reduces the absorption of minerals, including iron, zinc, magnesium and calcium. Lectins, which are found in all food plants, especially in seeds, legumes and grains, may be harmful in high amounts, and interfere with the absorption of nutrients. This is one of the reasons the #Paleodiet does not include foods like grains and legumes. There are ways to add these foods into your diet, but it involves soaking, sprouting, fermenting, boiling...or a combination of all of these techniques...and of course, always paying attention to the signals your body sends you! (AKA if the beans are really a “magical fruit” for you...your body is not digesting them and trying to let you know!)

March 8 - Calcium Part I

Calcium Part I